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Bug Report Format
« on: April 02, 2007, 02:07:17 am »
[SIZE=16]Bug Report[/SIZE]
 Description: This is a clear and specific explanation of the bug, how it occours, what it effects, and how you can see it ingame. Dont be afraid to go into little nitty details, and the more technical terms you can use, the better
 Location: This is a location referring to a ingame location. Etc. Mistone, Port Hempstead. Again be specific, include screenshots if the area in question have a duplicated name.
 Verified: This place is reserved for bug moderators to verify that it is indeed a bug that have been posted about. Incase a moderator cannot replicate or verify the error, but it is clearly a error, this will need to be verified by the person who posted the bug report, with a screenshot or ingame.
 Reproducable: Here is where you write if the bug can be reproduced, meaning that if a bug makes you able to walk through walls, are you able to do this all the time, or was it a single time thing.
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