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Author Topic: Cure Critical potions not stacking  (Read 1606 times)


Cure Critical potions not stacking
« on: April 15, 2015, 03:14:27 am »
Bioware Name:  Bill1199Character Name:  Ryubi JinglesDescription:  I crafted twenty cure critical potions with Ryubi and went to stack them with the thirty cure critical potions I already had and they would not stack.  I pulled the thirty stack out of my lion bag and put it into my main inventory and it still would not stack.  I placed both stacks in my ox pack and that solved the problem.  When I opened the ox pack back up I had a full stack of 50.I'm not sure if some of the thirty stack I originally had were partially from a caravan quest reward but its possible.  I seem to remember having this problem with a stack of ten cure critical that I got with one of my characters from a NPC caravan reward.Reproducable:  maybeGM witness:  noneLocation:  Fort Vehl crafting hall


Hi, this sounds like it's a
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 12:49:24 pm »

Hi, this sounds like it's a result of the Cure Critical Potions being bound to a quickbar slot and you're using saved quickbars. The complexities involved in saving items on the quickbar require that I set a variable on any item (or stack) you have in a saved quickbar slot.

When the variables on stacked items are not the same they will not stack. This is how I get around some storage related stacking issues as well.

I can't really think of another way to fix this off hand aside from what you've done with the oxen. The oxen remove any variables on the items. I understand the importance of being able to bind stacks to a quickbar slot though and I'll try to think of a way to remedy this.