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  • Angel's Guild Trip: The Deep: July 26, 2019

Author Topic: Angel's Guild Trip: The Deep 07/26/2019 8pm edt; Start in Miritrix  (Read 625 times)


Recent stirring in caves across Layonara and sightings of giant purple worms have sparked movement within the Angels Guild.  A call of action has been made and the Angel's will lead a party in The Deep and explore and seek answers to these recent anomalies.  All like minded individuals are welcomed to come and to offer their insight. We will head out from Fort Miritrix months time.

The Angels guild will also be gathering resources for their crafters and shop and claim rights to all crafting resources. Those that come, will be offered credit toward purchase of items at the Angel's Guild Store. Loot and trues found while exploring will be shared equally by all that attend.

//Please be warned that this will more than likely be a 1 of 2 or 3 depending on time. So your character may not be seeing the light of day for a couples day or even a week depending on availability.

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