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Beating down the doors of the halls of the mountain king


Beating down the doors of the halls of the mountain king

Martlet will be organising a trek this Saturday at: Helsinki: 21:00, Copenhagen 20:00, London: 19:00, New York: 14:00, Chicago: 13:00, San Francisco: 11:00

Destination: Thunderpeaks giant king (pending the right party)

Meeting place: Campsite by the waterfall just outside the Thunder Peaks

I have tried to set a time as inclusive as possible and as always - ALL are welcome regardless of levels etc. Questions or suggestions - PM me or post below

Bring plenty of potions, bandages and provisions

A party of 4 makes camp  in a nearby cave on Thunderpeaks, one sits meditating, two red bearded dwarves are discussing the best tactics to get out and a  human sits sharpening his twin blades.

 The human leaves the dwarves talking and the other meditating. Itching to try his blades he heads back down the mountain by himself. Finally making it back to the fire near civilization with no resistance he finds a gnome who enlists his aid back up the mountain to take on the giant King himself, he says.

After a few hours of running around in the mountains they find more help and finally beat in the door and slowly make  their way to the King. Annoyed that his lackeys are not killing us off he comes at us and puts up a good fight. Finding a few ingots on him we make our way back out where the story teller meets his demise at the entrance with a well placed spell he is knocked down and beaten into the ground by several giants. Raised and healed they move out, split the loot at a safe spot and think about the stories to share at the tavern among friends.

Martlet, Johnny, Van, Glitch Gumbo, Lil, Abi defeated the giant king.


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