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Big Lights, Big City - June 4th 8:30pm edt

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As the newly form group, who fondly call themselves the Crimson Tide, part ways after a successful journey through parts around Center helping folk and reminding monsters to stay far away from any settlement. Now a new dawn approaches and Khrom again sends out word and call for aid for a new journey around Hempstead and and the port city itself. He posts some notices around Center and in the Angels Guild and Saddlebag shops

"Calling all Crimson Tide and any others strong body adventures to venture around Port Hempstead helping folks in need and to fill our pockets with coins. As always bring yer on ale!"

Khrom Firebeard

OOC Stuff:

-Meeting in Port Hempstead fields on 6/4/2019 830pm edt.

-Looking for character lvl's 6-9, but lower levels would always be welcomed.

//I would love to make this event, I even have a dwarf character of the appropriate level, but I have a prior commitment Tuesday nights.  I may be able to drop in if my other event gets cancelled.  Here's hoping. - cb event got moved to Monday Nights..woot!

Script Wrecked:
// Sorry, Jinn can't make it. His owner has to be else where.

Script Wrecked. //

Bron trudged through the streets of Haven with a furrowed brow and muttered curses.

"Well, that ending left a sour taste in my mouth. Sure, twas good to bash in the teeth of those scaley beasts under Haven," Bron shook his head and gritted his teeth, "but I don't want anyone callin a dwarf money-grubbin flea-bittin oath-breakers!"

"He said we'd split the loot at the end. So I repeated it to the latecomers, believin it. But at the end, everyone was eager to leave, to run into the hills or back to their wives maybe, and keep whatever they found. I spoke up, tellin what I had, and askin what they found, but ignored i was. Not everyone was lootin so was not a fair split for all! Those two lasses in the back, they pulled their fair share o' work. But probably didna even have a chance to loot! By the time they stepped over crushed skulls, the corpses were bare. That ain't fair or honorable, no!"

"And I dinna loot much either, instead watchin fer sneaky saurian beasts, I was, and maybe others did the same. Though I did get to mine platinum fer the first time, and that was good." Bron trudged on, adjusting his heavy rucksack and continuing to shake his head and scowl.

"Fought all night, we did. Good time to eat and drink and sleep now but I'm too worked up for that. I may be a scowling cus, an ornery mutt, but I know what's fair. I'll need to be louder next time to keep things on the up and up for everyone. For now, no rest. I'll go put my anger into mining tin and smelting bronze."

*The Cremson Tide gets word via their bartender contact at the Bullseye that the meet spot will by at Vehl in the barn by the Orc guard*

//think we have two missing (Krom n Red) but we can still run some at the usual time if you all like...830 est as usual


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