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How about another Low Level Romp & Adventure?


Let's plan another low-level outing! We could take on a quest or two, and roam and adventure together!

Perhaps take on the lizard tower in the swamps near Hlint? Or some other quest?

If none of the days and times I listed work for you - propose others.

Anyone else want to chime in on the poll or suggest other days and times?
I know I'm often not playing as late in the night as many of you, but it looks like Thursday 8pm EST would work for 4 so let's aim for that, unless more poll votes come in sooner!

I am up for that. Usaly after 7h30 pm ET week days. Working on low level quest atm.

Hope to see some low levels on tonight!
If so - let's have some fun!

Now that my computer is running smoothly, my wife and I will be playing together again every Thursday starting from approximately 7:30pm


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