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Quest: No Tinks, No Problem!

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Script Wrecked:

--- Quote from: Weeping Lily on March 03, 2021, 11:56:54 am ---//Note that I like you guys showing up on time! Might be a cultural thing, but it shows respect. Those who show up 15+ mins late are only rewarded half of the amount in FP and any other rewards!

--- End quote ---

Just a view from the other side of the coin:

I turned up 45 minutes late to Milton's quest last week rather than 15 minutes early as I had intended. I had put the time as given in the quest into, and got a time that, as it turned out, was 60 minutes late. Given that is not wrong in its calculations, and I used the time as posted, there is only one possible reason for this aberration.

Having sufferred this problem throughout my questing career, I have had plenty of time to cogitate on what might be causing quest times to be posted that are repeatedly out by an hour for me, and yet accurate for the majority of players.

It came to me, as I sat cross legged on the top of the mountain in deep contemplation, that this problem would occur if the quest poster was not aware when they are on summer time, aka daylight savings time. The quest poster posts a time for the non-daylight-savings time zone when they should use the daylight-savings time zone.

All the locals arrive at the correct time because they are on/are not on daylight savings at the same time as the quest poster. Whereas the players in a different hemisphere, taking the times posted in good faith, get knobbled.

Given that the quest time you posted happen to be the same quest times as Milton posted, I will endeavour to arrive an hour early to be on time (5am local time),

Last week, I arrived 45 minutes late to Milton's quest, rather than the 15 minutes early I had intended. This was despite putting the quest time as listed into

Coincidentally, your quest time is the same as Milton's; I will endeavour to arrive an hour early to be on time.

~Script Wrecked

Weeping Lily:
Let me rephrase then: Having the algorithm come up with the wrong time is an issue I will have to endure. Another thing is folks just not caring that a quest is about to start. That is where we have to differentiate. If there is a set date /appointment I do all the preparations in advance to show up on point and not start preparing by the time the meeting is already supposed to take place. I know my boss will be pretty angry if I don't show up on a meeting on time.

Furthermore, I also provided the UTC ( starting time so it is easy to determine and look up the local time. EDT is UTC-4, EST is UTC-5. AEST is UTC+10, AEDT is UTC+11, just to give a few examples. Timezones can be tricky, especially with Daylight Savings starting happening not universally around the globe, hence providing the UTC time.

Normally the website used by Lily (and many others as myself) automatically adjust for the day light saving time. So not sure what's up there?


Memento of the first quest ran by Lily since the big comeback!


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