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Quest: No Tinks, No Problem!

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Weeping Lily:
Quest: No Tinks, No Problem!

Rumours spread of a lonely pixie flying around at the Stormcrest Crossroads, crying out for help. Just what could have happened to her to make such a scene ... any why or when did the portal to Dalanthar start pulsating?
Are there any brave adventurers around offering help to a pixie in distress? Who knows, it might even turn into an interesting adventure...

Date: 2021-03-27
Time: 7 PM UTC (
Levels: 1-15
Location: Stormcrest Crossroads (between Center and Fort Vehl)

//Note that I like you guys showing up on time! Might be a cultural thing, but it shows respect. Those who show up 15+ mins late are only rewarded half of the amount in FP and any other rewards!

I can make that!

I'll be there!

with my level 3 mycon sewer cleaner.....

just kidding. Barley, the bouncer at Scamps Mug in Hempstead, would be delighted to join! (lv 10 brawler)

Script Wrecked:
Is there room for a twelfth level wizard?

~Script Wrecked

Weeping Lily:
Of course! While I cap the max level, every char within the given range is welcome.


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