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Raiders of the lost crypt episode IV (Saturday 25 April)


Raiders of the lost crypt episode IV*Messages are sent out across the lands that a party of exploration is gathering in Center*
//Saturday exploring/dungeon crawling - going somewhere "new" each time (unless it is to return to a place we failed). The aim is simply for all to have fun while seeing (or re-seeing) some of the great areas of the server.


Destination: TBD
Hour: Helsinki: 22:00, London: 20:00, New York: 15:00, Chicago: 14:00, San Francisco: 12:00
Date: Saturday the 25th of April

Bring plenty of potions & bandages and don’t forget to stock up on soul stones (and imprint)!

Episode list
I.   The unGlittering Isles: Total party kill
II.   Walach’s with a touch of orc: Victory
III.   Trolling Khalziras: Victory

To make things run smoother please (courtesies)
•   Please try to be on time – if you do get delayed (I have been due to wifi issues), then send a message on Discord
•   Quickslot the AFK emote and use it every time you go AFK
•   If you crash and can’t get back in or RL interferes and you suddenly have to log – please either put it in the general Layonara channel on Discord or PM me on discord
•   If you need a break, let me know and I will arrange one
•   We have regular breaks around the in-game resting – if you need a cup of coffee, a snack or a bio this is the time to do it
•   Please try and wait for looters and healers before moving on even if you are a battlerager – is a courtesy to the player not character


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