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The pack is called to action!


Calling the pack and those friendly to the pack.

Are you foolhardy?
Are you brave enough to face the unknown?
Are you strong enough to face the most vicious foes on the planet?

or are you just up to some trekking in a part of an Island that has not been visited in decades?

If so, meet up at the fire camp of Center this coming Saturday, 10 AM est.

Have bandages, potions, food, ale and guts a plenty!

//we're invading Milara's Lands!!!! Mwhahahaha

*Talia sighs deeply as she hears of the upcoming adventure with the pack and shakes her head sadly*

I wish he had spoken of the trip before I agreed to take on extra duties at the temple.  I hate to leave them without the Lady of Spells' blessings.  I best make sure they have enough supplies to aid their endeavors. 

*Talia quickly picks up her needed supplies and goes about creating several potions, scrolls and ensuring that there will be enough bandages for the pack.  She places all of the items in Feh's bookshelf at the shop.  A bird is sent to the members ensuring someone gathers the supplies* 

//sorry guys! I am unavailable to play then  :(  Hope the trip goes well.


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