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  • Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern: August 08, 2019

Author Topic: Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern  (Read 1245 times)


Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern
« on: August 04, 2019, 12:05:04 pm »
Clan meeting for the Crimson Tide. Meet at the Bullseye Tavern in Center at 8:00pm est on 08/08/2019



Re: Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 12:55:07 pm »
//Still out of town but sounds good!  enjoy :)

Ke' Koa

Re: Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2019, 01:59:24 pm »
I will do my best to make it.


Re: Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern
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Bron will be there!


Re: Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern
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I’m stuck at work until 7:30 edt. and I have a hour drive home. So I will be late to this. 

Script Wrecked

For those who weren't there...
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2019, 09:37:05 pm »
As always, the tavern is warm, cheerfully lit, and full of traders and travelers, happy with the day's bargain or just enjoying a last ale before hitting the road again.
Well, until the dwarves have their meeting...

   Jinn: Good to see you!
  Khrom: Lo kin
  Khrom: Ye doin guud oy 'ope
   Jinn: Greetin's Khrom, Murbiddle.
   Jinn: Ay be doin' foine.
   Bron: Good to see you!
  Khrom: Bron!
  Khrom: Ye made et
   Bron: aye! wlelmet!
   Jinn: Hey, Bron.
  Khrom: Dis probably ohll dat beh joinin.
   Bron: aye...a wee bit o trouble on the way, but nothin that would delay me too long from the gathering!
  Khrom: Bo an Van be occupied elsewhere.
   Bron: aye, heard Gumbo and Van are out galavanting somewhere!
   Bron: Jinn! how ye be?
   Jinn: Ay be foine, kin.
   Bron: good good! and Murbiddle? good?
    Mur: Hi Van, Jinn!
  Khrom: *looks to Mur then back to Bron*
    Mur: I'm well, you?
   Bron: no Van be Bron!
  Khrom: Dats Bron, sillie
  Khrom: *laughs*
  Khrom: Roite den
   Bron: aye...Khrom! Ye been good? I heard ye have some keys for some o us!
    Mur: *chuckles* Sorry Bron
  Khrom: Oy called os tegether te figure oot wut de Crimson Tide be goin forward when weh get our hall.
   Bron: no worries! Van and I be kin!
   Bron: aye...and what IS the Crimson Tide?
  Khrom: Jus don' call em lad. he hates et *laughs*
   Bron: as I think it started out with quite a few different folks and races, aye?
   Bron: roite!
  Khrom: Crimson Tide, wus mah vision te bring fear te de forces of evil dat plague de lands.
  Khrom: Dat dey nay longer get free reign over de land dey hold.
   Bron: **nods*
   Jinn: Aye. *bangs on the table in agreement*
    Mur: *nods in agreement*
  Khrom: But olso te band tegether wit kin an friends to work together te help each  other.
   Bron: so, confuzing to me noggin sometimes I've been referin to the 5 dwarves as Crimson Tide, but in the past was many races, in cluding Mrbiddle, aye?
  Khrom: An te help those new an old venturers that need te git places an se ede world.
   Bron: *nods**
  Khrom: Aye Bron.. others started te call os dwarves de Crimsion Tide but dat nay wut et wus.
  Khrom: Weh beh small naw but soon we will grow in number an alliances
   Bron: so who else sees themselves as part o your Crimson Tide vision, Khrom?
  Khrom: But oy nay wunt te be a craftin guild or open a shop.
   Bron: I agree with that!
  Khrom: Dat's de question te ohll of ye.
    Mur: Lots of those
  Khrom: My blood runs Crimson. *grins*
   Bron: the question to us? who is Crimson Tide?
  Khrom: Aye..
   Bron: Well...since you started it, Khrom, you should define it!
  Khrom: Do ye want te be wit meh?
  Khrom: Oy jus did! *laughs*
   Bron: to the home we be carvin in the mountains....
    Mur: You know I am Khrom
   Jinn: Aye! *bangs on the table again*
   Bron: that was my vision for a dwarven hearth-home! not all races. Crimson Tide can be all allies and races.....but I'm hoping for a dwarven cave home!
  Khrom: We venturin guild that will spread fear te evil dat plagues de land and push dem back te dere little holes and snuff em out because dere aint nay place fer em ere nay more.
   Bron: Yes, yes.
   Bron: Ha HA!!
   Bron: I'm with ye on that, Khrom!
   Jinn: Aye, aye. *bangs again*
  Khrom: et be dwarven but oy nay wunt te exclude friends loike Mur or Red.
  Khrom: Dey earned dere place wit os.
   Jinn: Aye.
   Bron: Ah, so ye seein the caves as bein for Crimson Tide, not just a dwarven moot?
  Khrom: An ifn other feel differently, we ken take it ootsoide
  Khrom: Aye dat wut et beh
   Bron: *scowls* ye bein mighty bossy here, Khrom. Not feeling like a frindly talk when ye lay down the law and threaten blood.
  Khrom: *scowls back* Oy'm makin a hard point, Bron.
   Jinn: *snorts and grins*
  Khrom: Ye ken agree or *looks to the door* disagree.
   Bron: a hard point eh? I donna see it as YOUR guild! The five dwarves of us been plotting to make a home, and that's how I presented it way back when. Was nay talk till now of opening the home to other races.
   Bron: I think the five dwarves all have a say in what it be, not just you.
   Jinn: **listens**
  Khrom: An Mur an Red have nay say?
  Khrom: Ye bein a bit o' biggot aren't ye?
   Bron: If all the other dwarves side with ye, then fine. I'll cave in to that. But I'm holding out for a dwarven home, and Crimson Tide can be all races, in different homes! *scowls darkly*
  Khrom: Ye ken do et wit oot meh.
   Bron: I like drinkin and cussin and singing with me kin, Khrom. I'll knock heads with any race out and about, but home is home!
  Khrom: Dig yer littel hole wit oot meh.
   Bron: And what if Gumbo and Van agree with me? Ye could have said somethin bout all this changes weeks ago! but springin it here ain't right.
  Khrom: Ain't stay wit a bigot dat kant sleep bah other races
  Khrom: Oy called deh meetin an dey aint ere.
  Khrom: dat mah fault?
   Bron: Call me what ye like, ye ornery cuss! But the cave home was MY idea, not yourS!
  Khrom: But did ye call de meetin?
   Jinn: **chuckles**
   Bron: Crimson Tide, if ye call it yours, is a bunch o warriors and whatnot, that I'm happy to be a part of, out defending the realm. That be fine.
   Bron: but the cave home was my idea, and I pushed it and got a yes from four other dwarves! And we five were meeting with the builders, and plotting the shape o the building, and haggling prices.
   Bron: you didna invite others to THAT meeting!
  Khrom: An when we met wit Boulder ye beh lookin fer meh fer direction.. but nay.. naw ye wunt te call et yers..
   Bron: I gots nothin gainst Mur or Red, or others. But this be a dwarven home endeavor since I suggested it. Now ye be changing it, and I ain't havin ye bossin and bullyin that into being, without the agreement of Van, Gumbo, and Jinn.
   Bron: How was I lookin for yer direction? I left the note for Smashbrothers! I haggled with Cailomel for storage space! what the blazes did you do!?
  Khrom: Foine.. Foine Ye ken ave et.. Enjoy et ye fat belly orc scum!
   Bron: and the smashers contacted me, not you! *glowers*
   Jinn: **listens closely**
   Bron: *slowly* fat belly orc...scum.........*squints*
  Khrom: *grabs the hilt of his axe* Ye com o'er ere ye be leavin in pieces...
   Bron: yer a bully, Khrom. plain and simple! ye could ave shared yer bviews for weeks, but ye spring it now. And ye threaten me and cuss me out fer not agreeing with ye. Well that's not the kidn o leader I be lookin fer.
   Jinn: *clears some space*
   Bron: I said it once, i'll say it again, if I'm outvoted by the OTHER dwarves, I'll lean into what ye be posing. But NOT before.
    Mur: *sits lower in the chair*
  Khrom: Nay!  et yers naw
  Khrom: Ye open yer maw.. blabbering dat oy pushin ye.. Et yers naw!
   Bron: fine by me. I'll bloody carve the caves and dwarves can join or not as they like. Yer bullheaded, Khrom. Yer acting like a baby. One disagreement and ye pack up yer toys and walk. *scowls* some leader ye be acitng here.
  Khrom: Nay come lookin fer meh when ye twidling yer thumbs or craving bones lookin fer somthin te do.
   Jinn: *frowns*
   Bron: Who's going to want to be lead by a bullheaded bully, eh? And I ain't disagreeing with Crimson Tide gallavanting and knocking heads. I'm happy to be battle buds with ye and all races. It's the hearth home I be talking about, from the beginning.
    Mur: [Whisper] not going to get between either of them
  Khrom: Oy beh a leader dat nay back down from mah convictions an ideals.
   Jinn: [Whisper] Bes' not.
  Khrom: Nay un pushes meh from em. NAY UN!
   Bron: *shrugs* Jinn, do ye have words o wisdom for either or both o us?
   Jinn: Aye. Uts seems we have two visions har.
   Jinn: Both taken to heart.
   Bron: and what be yer vision, Jinn?
  Khrom: Wut ye jus ask fer Jinn's 'pinion, ye biggot?!
  Khrom: Mur nay get a say
   Jinn: My vision be fer wot's tha best.
   Bron: FIRST, askin Jinn, cuz what ye and I are disagreen about i see as DWARVEN business. *scowls at Khrom*
   Bron: no offense, Murbiddle. but has anyone asked ye about puttin sweat and coin into a cave home? Cuz it's news to me if someone has....
  Khrom: Nay un has because dat wus anuuder part of de meetin ye spoiled by yer biggotry ye racist cuss!
   Bron: *ignores Khrom* and Jinn, that's a lame ass answer. What in hells do YOU want?
    Mur: not that I remember but I have always tried to support you dwarves as I can
   Jinn: Ay want a civilised discussion.
   Bron: *nods at Murbiddle* aye, and ye a right good one, I got no beef with ye. Just don't want to hear ye snorin in the next room! *grins tensely*
  Khrom: Nay Mur he forgets de prayers ye an yer god be blessin em wit
    Mur: [Whisper] does this always happen at Dwarven meetings?
   Jinn: [Whisper] Usually.
   Bron: well, do ye have a civilized opinion on the head buttin between Khrom and I, or leave it be for now till Van and Gumbo back?
   Jinn: [Whisper] The kinfolk are a hard headed bunch.
  Khrom: Nay udders complain loike dis loud mouth across de table.
   Bron: *keeps steady gaze on Jinn*
    Mur: Well I myself am not a Dwarf but Gnomes and Dwarves have always helped each other as best we can
   Jinn: Ye be tradin' unsults currently.
    Mur: But I dont want to get between Dwarves
   Jinn: Ay was listening to the two views bein' expressed.
  Khrom: *grabs a chair and hurls it at Brons direction*  Ye de un dat made dis uncivilized and ye forget oy aint civil!
   Bron: *shrugs*
   Jinn: [Whisper] Aye. Bes' not.
   Bron: *smacks chair away with strength*
   Bron: *strength check*
   Bron: Strength Check:  19 + 6 = 25
   Bron: KHROM! this ain't right! I ain't attackin ye or breakin chairs! Calm yerself!
   Jinn: *and realises a proper dwarven discussion is about to take place*
   Bron: *raises hands to grab Khrom if he attacks again*
  Khrom: *scowls with his good aye* Oy just finishin dis meetin
    Mur: [Whisper] definitely dont want to be an closer right now
  Khrom: Puutin a period un et an ohll
   Bron: aye...go skulk off. Foine leader ye be. We'll talk without ye. *glowers at him*
  Khrom: Jinn ye send me a boird ifn ye ohll wunt te met gain.
  Khrom: Oy nay care
   Bron: Murbiddle and Jinn, stay and talk with me, eh?
   Jinn: Aye. When less heated words can be said.
  Khrom: Jus know ohll will know of ye bein jus as cocky bout yer race as de darkies..
   Jinn: Nay Bron. We +all+ talk.
   Bron: *takes a deep breathe*
   Jinn: Nay plottin' behind backs.
   Jinn: We all talk together.
   Bron: ain't interested in plottin! Just interestin in what you actually want!
   Jinn: Khrom have left.
   Bron: but if ye ain't going to voice your personal opinion, that be fine. We can talk when others are ready to gather!
   Bron: and that be his choice.
   Jinn: What ay have to say be afore all the kin.
    Mur: Well I think you need to talk with Vann and and Bo
   Bron: aye...all the kin would be good.
    Mur: I wasnt around when you planned this, I just helped when I could
   Bron: Aye, Murbiddle, and I appreciate battlin side ye! Always! And loike i said, if all ye decide ye want the caves for Crimson Tide, whatever that may be, all races, then I'll say yea.
   Bron: But I think the 5 dwarves need to get together and see where we all stand on that. If the four of us want dwarves only in the caves, then so be it. Khrom ain't the leader o us! *glowers*
   Jinn: Yoo came to oour aid when we needed yoo, Mur.
   Bron: Homes and battlebuds don't ave to all be same! and anyway, it's CAVES we be talking about! in the blasted Mountains! Not noice civilizied homes in a city!
    Mur: And I am happy to help you out as I may in the future as well
   Bron: *sighs heavily* bloody hell! Khrom be a knucklehead. I love him as a bro6her and axe idiot like meself, but he be a knucklehead at talking things out!
   Jinn: Tha' needs ta be discussed. Wid cooler words.
   Bron: I ain't joining any group if there be a self-proclaimed leader who expects everyone to follow orders! We all be equal here, or the group chyooses a leader who has shown they got a good head on their shoulders!
   Bron: but i don't htnink a dwarve home needs A leader....we can have equal votes, and make it what we want. Same with Crimson Tide, if everyone wants that. But if they want Khrom as leade of Crimson, foine. He's a good battle leader, and guide in the wilds.
   Bron: Murbiddle.....i hear priests are wise. What be yer wise counsel to me?
   Bron: *stares at Khrom* aye?
  Khrom: He still jawin on.
    Mur: My advice is to seek out Bo and Van
   Bron: that's what's done in a meeting, Khrom *narrows eyes*
  Khrom: Take dese keys, Jinn. Dey suppose te go te os te start gatherin materials.
   Bron: Aye, Murbiddle, that be true. Next step.
   Bron: *coughs* Khrom...keys?
    Mur: Other than that, I'm not a Dwarf and ill equipped to advise more
   Jinn: *takes a box from Khrom*
   Bron: did he give you one or all o them, Jinn?
   Bron: Jinn?
   Bron: *purses lips, face reddening* he better ave given ye more than one....
   Jinn: Ay aint bein' tha grist un the mill.
   Bron: what? I'm askin if Khrom gave ye more than one key???
   Jinn: An' ay'm sayin' things need ta be coolin' doon.
   Bron: Bloody Hell! I be the one that negotiated with Feh fer the storage. And ye ain't even answerin me question.
    Mur: I will leave you two to it, I will see what I can do to cool Khrom down as well
   Bron: good luck with that!
    Mur: Take care both of you
   Bron: I'm just askin...yes or no? one key or many?
   Bron: how does it hurt ye to tell me if he gave ye more than one key? *shakes head, puzzled*
   Jinn: An' wot yoo be doin' ifnthar's wun key. An' wot yoo be doin' ifn thars more?
   Jinn: Ut makes things worse.
   Bron: if one, it's yers. If more, i'll take one.
   Bron: Did Khrom say not to give me a key?
   Jinn: See. Thus us me point.
   Bron: did ye not hear me say that if the 5 dwarves agree with Khrom, I'll lean that way? I'm not bein an oak here, but a willow with roots!
   Bron: so if all four are against me idea, I'll do what ye all are doing, and open me arms to the others. So I'm in, whether it be dwarf only or not! *glowers* So a key would be appreciated so I can sweat and bust me arse cuttin oake!
   Bron: though....with his Highness Khrom actin the way he be actin, not sure the 5 of us will come to agreement on leadership and how we be makin decisions and whatnot. That could split the group!
   Jinn: *stands silent*
   Bron: Foine! *glares* be the silent diplomat. ye go find Van and Gumbo, pose Khrom and Bron's side o the tale, and see what ye all want to do. Ye don't wanna piss off Khrom, so ye do nothin. That be fine.
   Bron: I'll take me leave *sour look*
   Jinn: *stands his ground*
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Re: Crimson Tide Meeting: Bullseye Tavern
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Jinn: *and realises a proper dwarven discussion is about to take place*

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