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The Troll King Presents: The Hunt Begins (a short quest for all levels)

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Date: January 27th, 2021
Time: 2pm Central (3pm EST)
Level Requirements: All Levels
The quest starts in Hurm.

Premise: You have heard of a high paying bounty put out by the Liwich Kingdom. You sailed to Hurm to find out more details.

damn! wish I was free then!
Kudo's for leading an event!
Hopefully will join the next one!

A good excuse for me to jump back in, I should be there!

For those that were on this quest, is February 12th a generally good day to finish it up? Looking at running at the same time, maybe starting thirty minutes earlier. For you GMTers, I know it's a Friday night, which means you may be going out or whatnot, but I think that's the soonest I can try and finish the quest. My next opportunity (to run during that time slot) won't be until March, I don't think.

I should know next week as my work schedule will be out for the next 2 weeks. But normaly fridays are good for me.


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