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Hey Mumbles, I'd love to jump in on your bit, but I'll understand if you don't think Mangus will be a good fit. Whatever works for you boss, and I can do what ever day or goofey hour you need.

i can do 2pm est fella , il see you today i cant get into private messages to reply so i thought id let you know this way

Riley has completed his CDQ series and is now good to apply for rogue levels!  Congratulations!

In line to do something with Lola and her seer potential. Let the torture begin.Addendum: If it would make it more fun, feel free to make it an open quest to involve other pc's.

Want to get Kel on here for his Assassin CDQ's!Need 20 hours worth, mostly avalible on Fridays, after about 7 MST


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