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Noticed I never set this up proper! So here it goes. Will try to keep this current from the other thread listed below. Here are the slots! For those interested, please PM me all pertinant data about the following below this post - all persons involved -Links to the Character Submissions/CDTs of said characters -What you are looking for in a CDQ- very important. I want to taylor these to fit your goals and aspirations! At least a paragraph or two please for the direction and rewards you intend -Availability! If it's a single CDQ, when are you available? GCDQ, hash together what times are best for you  *note, since the forum wipe this list is outdated, now accepting new CDQ requests!*

Putting my foot in the door  for a cdq(s) fo r Riley (will) to go rogue (if its approved)

Rileys CDQ is good to go mate if your willing to run it ,i m ment to point you in the direction of the submittion but for some reason  copy and paste wont work 

Excellent! I see the update in the submissions section.  What time would be best for you?  I'm typically free from 8pm-12am EST every day other than Sat, Sun, Mon & Tues.  And I think this Wednesday we have a GM meeting around then.

Im Gmt +1 most days are good now ive finish my degree  and dont start my marsters till september  , so aslong as its not the middle of the night


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