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NO LONGER TAKING NEW REQUESTS Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)- flexible schedule.Style: My style for cdq's will most likely be dependent on the character and the goal. I tend to work on "one step at a time" so I'll try to work with you to find out what it is that is the very first step or next step from where you are that is needed to get to where you want to go. The journey is always more important than the destination, and every journey is different. With that being said, I will try to work with you to find out exactly what it is that you want to do, but the steps are yours. I will put the tools before you, but you will have to take the first step.Please formulate your requests with:1: This is what I would like for my character to attempt to accomplish on an ooc level.2: This is what my character is doing to start down that path on an ic level.We'll start from there.CDQ's in Progress:1. Thhakuk- Creating Oblivion COMPLETED:Jillian Stuart- Darkness Rising/Oh Captain My CaptainAndrew William Reid- Base NotesNym'roos Claddana- A Means to an EndNym'roos Claddana- The Chain of CommandAndrew William Reid- Dissonance and ResolutionNym'roos Claddana- Looking for BloodAndrew William Reid- The Birth of a DreamNym'roos Claddana- AllegianceTia'Sa'ru- Fertilizer FoulLayla Ampelio- The Eye of the TigerDaniel Benjamin Poetr- The Golden RoadThhakuk- The Path of Pain

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Back in line with Andrew, no rush though - got one in line for Mari as well w/Dezza.

Rollins, let me know when you're not in line with another character and I'll put you back on the list. Thanks!

Hopes in line with Layla. Pm to be sent shortly


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