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Hi Ed,
  I am withdrawing my ECDQ request for Katrien. As we discussed, time and timezones don't seem to be lining up well .
  Thank you for your time and interest


Hi Ed,

I hope you can find room for this request for a CDQ. But if you think you're currently full, or are still taking some time off, I'd totally understand that.

I would like to request a CDQ for my PC Daeron Stormcloud, his first. I'll send a PM with the intent behind this request and some background.

Best Regards,


Actually, I've withdrawn my Quest GM status for the time being as I do not have the time. It won't mean I will never run quests again though, I am just not doing any now until further notice due to lack of time on my side.
So you'll have to find another GM to run it, Filatus, sorry about that.


No problem at all, Heretic. :)


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