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Garnet Stonesmythhy CDQ. Your times work good for me. Plus I think you have more insite.  ;)


--- Quote ---Zen - 9/20/2005 3:59 AM Garnet Stonesmythhy CDQ. Your times work good for me. Plus I think you have more insite. ;)
--- End quote ---

  Thanks for the compliment :) However, I only have two slots, and they're filled with an ECDQ and a CDQ, so it will probably be November before you're up.

Hi Ed.  I'd like to reserve a place in line.  I have a few ideas for a CDQ for Katrien based on this journal entry.
  I realize the wait might be a bit but that's ok.  I'll PM you with some thoughts on my plans for Kat when I have a rough idea of a timeline.

Hi, I'd like to do a CDQ for Amarath Arowen (level 5 fighter, played by Melgrin) and Thaïs Amithrisil (level 5 thief, played by mfloris). We have had the pleasure of stumbling on to you as DM on one of our sessions, and liked the way that worked out. We have some rather detailed ideas on where we want to take Thais and Amarath, and having you lead the CDQ would work out well we feel. Also, since we're all from the Netherlands, playing time would be no problem.

On the otherhand, we understand that you're quite busy at the moment with CDQs and ECDQs. Maybe you could review our request, and propose an alternative GM that could take up our CDQ. I would like to send you our full CDQ request by PM, so you can check which GM would be best suited for our purposes. We have been playing on Layonara for a few months now, but haven't met a lot of DMs on the way.

Normally, we play (together) every Wednesday evening from 9PM to midnight, CET (GMT+1), but we can change this to other week nights or weekends.

Our character descriptions can be found at: (Thais) (Amarath)

I'd appreciate if you would read our CDQ request and help us find the right DM to lead it.

Melgrin & Mfloris

To all those that aren't in my two slots yet, or those wanting me for a CDQ.
  Getting Quint's ECDQ completed followed by Brualot's CDQ will take me up to November and I cannot tell you when I have a free slot again (meaning early/mid or end November). So please take this into consideration, you've probably got a chance of getting a CDQ run sooner with another GM.
  But of course, you're also free to wait, but thought you might want to know what the deal is :)
  (And for those who haven't posted here on this 'waiting list' yet, it's probably no use to do so, unless you want to wait for December/January).


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