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Times: GMT evenings on Tuesday or Wednesday between GMT 6:30PM and 10:30PM GMT Saturday/Sunday afternoon between GMT 12:30PM and 4/5:30PM and possibly Sunday evenings (GMT)  Slots: I only have two CDQ slots:  1.  2.  
  I also do ECDQs. Might also want to read my GM introduction with my GM 'style'.
  As of May, 2006 I am not running CDQs as I've got too much other things to do.

I'd appreciate it if you could fit me into your busy schedule for a ECDQ ed.

Hey 8bit, at the moment, I got my hands full with the new handbook, and won't be running any quests until it's done (hopefully by the end of the month).
  Not sure if you want to wait that long, considering you are talking about next week.

Nah. I'll do something with Key with another DM instead. So hard to pick who needs the development the most.

like to pencil something in for Brualot for next month or later whenever you get free of the handbook stuff. I will post you nearer the time if that suits.


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