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icedragonduvessa - Amaris/Ivy/TacoKnight - (CDQ)
« on: September 21, 2016, 09:50:59 pm »
Before you sign up for a cdq with me please understand that there will absolutely be a chance of failure. An automatic win is not even remotely fun in my book. My quests are hard, they will challenge your characer both mentally and physcially. I WILL read through everything I can find on your character and poke at the sorest possible place. You may die, you may die a lot, you may lose a soul strand, I might ask you to give up something dear to you, you will probably have to make very hard choices... your character may be scarred for life. If you haven't fled this thread in terror yet, then I may be the GM for YOU! Before you request a cdq from me please have some idea of what you would like to have happen, maybe even a couple quest ideas that I can twist and melt into my own horrorshow. Let me know up front about things you would like me to take notice of for your character and anything in particular you would love to see included. This doesn't mean I will definitely use them, but I may! :D Format I like to see Character Name:Character Level:Link to development thread:Goal of the quest /outcome you would like to see:Other players you would like to see involved:Additional Information:  ----------------------------------------------------Current Queue:  0  

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Kalberen takes a number.  PM
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Kalberen takes a number.  PM being composed as you read this.



tis read and responded, your
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tis read and responded, your number is 2 :)