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Lilium (CDQ)


 Lilium (CDQ)
Available for CDQs only at this point!!!

Rules and guidelines:
* As I only run CDQs at the moment, I will limit the maximal number of participants to 3 (the requester is already included). Anything else will be considered as a GCDQ in my eyes.
* The quest will be focused on the main character, meaning any other possible participants may aid your character, but should not overtake the quest.
* While planning the quest, I will keep your character in my mind, meaning any of my quests can be done solo. Of course, the difficulty may increase the more participants are present.
* During planning I may ask you for additional information regarding your character. If I request them, be assured that they are crucial for planning the quest and thus do not hesitate and give me proper and elaborate responses.
* Running a quest does not automatically result in a successful completion. Depending on the choices made within it, it may result in a failure.
* Remember, actions do have consequences, may they be good or bad.
* Please come up with a good reason why you want me to run the quest. I am aware of the current quest situation, but I will refuse to run quests solely on the purpose just so that there is one around.
* Once your apply for a CDQ here in this thread, I will get in touch with you via PM when I get to it.
* Tailoring quests to the participant(s) does take time. Please respect this and give me proper time to come up with everything. No nagging. I will get to it, given my RL obligations. Failure to respect this may result in cancellation of said quest and you will have to reapply again. Seeing one of my player characters around online does not mean I am not focusing on the quests, but after a busy day I may just need some time off. I think we all have been there.
 What to expect and not to expect on my quests?
* As the GM, I provide a framework for the quest. You have to actively get involved in the setting. I won’t drag the main character along and tell them what to do. That is up to the character. It is their quest.
* Do not expect an easy pass on the goal. You have to work actively to achieve your set goals.
* Expect that your actions have consequences. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t mind altering the whole planned out scenario to reflect the choices made during the early stages of the quest.
* Expect quests that are mostly story-driven. Many of the quests I led in PnP settings did not rely on combat at all. I am not saying that there will be no combat at all, but depending on the setting and / or situation you may run into little or no encounters. The reason behind this is quite simple: I think this approach offers players a better approach and setting to actively develop their character character during the quest.
* NWN is a limited and restrictive when it comes to its mechanics and which might not work well within the quest. Thus, do not rely too heavily on the mechanics. I expect you to keep this in mind while participating in one of my quests.
 How often and when do I run quests?
* I live in Europe which means I will run quests within reasonable hours for myself, mainly during afternoon / evening (GMT+2). During weekends I may also be available in GMT mornings. Please keep in mind that due to RL obligations and family reasons I cannot be available for quests all the time.
* Due to RL obligations I will only run around 2-3 CDQs during a year. Keep that in mind while applying. Depending on the backlog, you may have to wait for a longer period until I can focus on your quest.
 Even though I set some rules and boundaries, we are all here to have fun and enjoy the quests. I work hard to make the CDQs enjoyable for all participants.

Current CDQ:
In Planning:
1. Gilshem Ironstone - Thhakuk
2. Xiaobeibi – Martlet A Swift


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