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Author Topic: Need more specific guidance for Melanna Jin  (Read 208 times)


Need more specific guidance for Melanna Jin
« on: March 06, 2010, 09:09:23 am »
I have stated since day one my goal for this Char (Melanna Jin Poetr) was to be a paladin.  Since I chose to start her as a fighter I was told I need to have a CDQ eventually to make that leap.
 I'm still very new to this world and I am asking very early in the rp to help me when it comes time to have a CDQ to ensure I have all the pieces in place.
 From what I found I have several levels yet to wait for a CDQ because today she is only level 7.  If I can move forward earlier then I would like to do so. If I can't I am prepared to wait.
 The process for these things is complicated and I am not sure I really understand the whole of it.
 She has a public journal.  I'm delighted to work with any of the GMs.
 I look forward to speaking to which ever of you choose to run my CDQ.


Re: Need more specific guidance for Melanna Jin
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2010, 12:59:15 pm »
Hi Havoc,

There is no level requirement if the CDQ is to move to a restricted class or PrC. The level 10 requirement (or alternatively, the 3 months' activity requirement) is for CDQs for all other personal goals, like joining an organization, etc.

Unless you were thinking of a different reason, I see no reason you shouldn't be able to submit in the Character Submissions forum at any time (for the secondary class), then take a CDQ with a GM of your choosing. You should choose the GM yourself, though--I recommend reading through their threads and choosing one in a good timezone who sounds like they have a style that would work for you, or thinking back to different quests you may have been on and choosing a favorite quest GM.

Hope this helps,