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Author Topic: Need some advice on a CDQ and character path, also about PreReqs.  (Read 129 times)


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    I know going from Rogue to Shadowdancer, at least from what I read, does not require a CDQ. But I would like to do it anyhow for my character's storyline sake. I have a much clearer idea now of how I would want Uilliam to develop from when I originally submitted him. I was looking to have him eventually go into Shadowdancer around him hitting fifteenth level, and then to a Mistone Alliance Scout when he reaches level twenty, then back to Rogue at twenty five for the rest of the time I can play him. I know it is a long way off, but I figured I should start trying to find a way to put him on the path to that now. And I'm also really clear on his major life goals, to develop his tinkering and alchemy for traps and gadgets, help establish a new city for the Children of the Earth along with some of his friends, and to help undue what has happened in the Silent Watch mountains.

    I guess I see him becoming sort of a master scout, with a focus on unconventional tactics and weapons. I know he is a rogue, but I don't wanna play him as a thief. And I'd like him to stay true neutral in alignment, as he is feeling more of a need for their to be balance. ( I.E. He no longer makes fun of druids. )

    And I was just wondering if a DM could give me any pointers on how to go about developing something like this.

    Also, uh, I didn't take the PreReq feats for ShadowDancer at lower Levels. And I have not been able to pick them again when I have gone up the last few levels. So does this mean I'm stuck as a Rogue regardless? Thanks.


    Re: Need some advice on a CDQ and character path, also about Pre
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    Just to get you started, here is a handy link into the character submissions section where it describes the processes of multi-classing into PrCs:

    Also I will let another more experienced DM answer on whether or not you are able to multi-class into two PrCs. At anyrate, the the best way to help document your way into any sort of development is Character Development Threads, and this goes along way with alignment and deity issues as well.

    As to your prereqs, you should have the opportunity to take them at some point. It maybe that the last few times you have selected feats it was for rogue bonus feats only. (just a possiblity as I'm not as experienced in character building as some *winks* )