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Rasterick - Oggie
« on: January 26, 2006, 08:19:31 am »
For those wishing to have a CDQ for your character, post your request here, send me a PM of the details, and I will see what I can do.

I currently have two slots:

1. Lilswanwillow - Char Supintaltha Monday 27th March, 21:00 GMT - 16:00 EST - 13:00 PST


Mon/Wed/Fri - 20:30 GMT (8:30PM GMT) (Start Time)
Sat/Sun - 21:00 (9:00PM GMT) (Start Time)


Re: Rasterick - Oggie
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2006, 03:34:57 pm »

I just got approved to take wizard classes, and want to work out a CDQ for the whole thing  thats the re-submit to start taking wizard... it also has links to my 'journal'

and I know your new in town being a GM... so, you can have fun with me!!! I promise not to get mad (even if I develop my first DT-did I just curse myself?!?!)  practice makes perfect, eh?

Yosemite Sam

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    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #2 on: January 29, 2006, 09:26:18 am »
    I want to run an installment in the ongoing story of Micheal Mordicai.All the story notes I still have:
    Micheal never knew his mother. It was just him and his father living on the isolated farm, south of the Forest of Mist.. He has many pleasant memories of working and living with his father. He does remember going to a fair at Castle Raxswell when he was seven. After returning to the farm, he was playing with a stick using it like a sword like the actors in the play they had watched at the fair. His father appeared and was very angry, why Micheal never knew. His father made him promise to never take up the sword, dont be a soldier. Micheal liked working on the farm. When he went other places, stangers always looked at him darkly, he knew he wasnt pretty. They always treated him like an idiot. He was not stupid, just a little slow thinking sometimes. His friends found him pleasent and quite, but other people acted like they expected him to attack at any moment.
    As he grew older he grew to be bigger than his father, himself one of the biggest farmers around. He kept growing. He never could get his dad to tell him about his mother, he would only say that she was gone a long time ago.
    Then one night he awoke to a nightmare. The farm was burning! He stumble out into the night. A giant appeared and smacked him down. The giant raised his club to finish the job, when his father appeared with a sword in his hand. Micheal watched in near uncomprehension as his father dispatched the giant with a couple of quick strikes. His father helped him up and told him to run. They both ran for the forest. They were chased by a group of orcs and giants. They were losing ground. His dad told hiim to keep running and turned around. Micheal obeyed his dad.and kept going. He heard the sound of battle behind him. Screams pierced the night. He ran until he could run no more. He fell, exhausted, and passed into a fitful sleep. He crept back the next morning,. There where signs of a struggle, but no bodies to be found. He went all the way back to the farm, but all he found was some smoking ruins. The livestock, gone. He sifted through the ashes, but the only thing found intact was an old sycthe. He took it withhim for what little protection it would afford and made for the nearest neighbors.
    Smoking ruins was all he found. The whole valley had been wiped out in a single night. He started on his journy that night, with a heavy heart and many unanswered questions running through his mind.
    So Micheal came to Hlint, alone and pennyless.  He made some good friends, endured the taunts of many, especially dwarves, he appeared to hate him on sight.  He slowly grew more experienced, wandering around until :  // From his CDQ

    12-23-04 Calendared event.

    Players - Micheal, Snippi, Zack, Katrien

    - A man (Davey / Dave) overheard Micheal talking in the craft house and recongnised him as a childhood friend.

    - He talked to Mikey a while and told him about his past... the things his father never told him.

    - He said Mikey and Dave's fathers were both part of a group knows as "The Giant Bleeders" a group of men who hunted down giant clans who caused trouble.

    - One night when "The Bleeders" set up an ambush for a group of giant who were rumored to be moving to attack a village.

    - The ambush took place in the forst of mists on a very dark night in a valley.

    - When the fight was over torches were lit and they saw it was a group of giant women and young men none even were carrying weapons other than simple staves and such.... not warriors at all.

    - One of the younger giant women (Dormana) was still alive so Mikeys father and the rest healed her as best they could. and Mikeys father took her and nursed her back to full health... over time he fell in love with her. Dormana gve birth to Mikey and died to to complications durring child birth.

    - All of these things Mikeys father kept secret from him. But Dave felt it was time he knew of his past (Mikey didnt even know he was a half giant)

    - a bunch more talk and Mikey said when he was ready he was going to go back to Dregar to try and find his missing father or find out what happened to him.

    Now, Mikey is NOT ready to go search for his father on Dreagar.  But it has occurred to him that
    A.  His father may have relatives that are far easier to find than his mothers.
    B.  If the Bleeders where a well know group, then there may be records of them, and these records could contain information about his father.

    He got some advice from Ozymandius (Mr Ozy) and his friend Katrien Hummel. He wants to go to the library at Blackford castle and the great Library to see if he can find out anything about either of his parents.

    Times of availablity:
    Any night, I come on between 8 and 9 EST.  Saturday, almost all day is available via scheduling, this varies greatly.  Sunday from 1-5 pm EST.
    I am hoping that Katrien and Snippi can come along.  Others are welcome, but dont see many having a reason to go along as of yet.


    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #3 on: January 31, 2006, 01:51:38 am »
    Recieved PMs from Yosemite Sam and Lilswanwillow, I am currently working with them with a view to getting them both CDQ's in the very near future.


    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #4 on: March 14, 2006, 03:58:32 am »
    Due to RL commitments I have had to delay the start of these CDQs, however; I now find myself able to concentrate soem time in this direction.

    Aplogiies for that.

    PM sent to Lilswanwillow - Awaiting response, and suitable times.

    Yosemite Sam's to follow in the next few days.

    gilshem ironstone

    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #5 on: June 27, 2006, 11:50:23 am »
    Hi Rasterick,

    I have been approved for Arcane Archer levels for my character Gel'larian Windsbreath and am requesting for you to run the quest.  I am a bard, worshipper of Ilsare and in my development thread have tied arcane archery to the Harmony of Life.  Here is said thread:  Let me know when you are available and we can discuss this further.

    Sincerely, Gilshem Ironstone.


    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #6 on: July 05, 2006, 08:53:44 am »
    Due to RL comittments, I will not be available to run any CDQs for the next couple of months. I will post in the General Dicussion Forum when I am back.



    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #7 on: August 02, 2006, 02:59:53 pm »
    since mine is half done... what should we do, just wait?  I can RP my way around, but I think I'll jump up quite a few levels and mess up my leveling quite a bit before lv 20...

    Harlas Ravelkione

    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #8 on: October 25, 2007, 10:29:12 am »
    Rasterick is not currently running CDQs.


    Re: Rasterick - Oggie
    « Reply #9 on: March 06, 2008, 11:05:09 am »
    Rasterick is no longer running quests as he is working on other things for the community.