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Redeemer CDQ's
The style of my quest will be varied, it must depends on what is the goal for the said CDQ's, I like to put heroism on my quests, but there are heroes even in the most mundane of chores, what you must expect in my quest is Rp as basis, stick true to your concept and you'll do good with me, my style is in the mix of Rp / combat again depending the goal of the quest objectives.

Always a tricky subject, I am at GMT -6 ( Us Center )
My work schedule its quite tight for the moment, leaving scarce time and flexibility, still I'll try to help to acomodate the best I can.
My usual times are Tuesday after 8 CDT / 6 PDT / 9 EDT. Or Saturday usually on the evenings for America zones.

Quests, CDQ's and Projects
At the moment I feel confortable to work with personal developmnent projects, If you have something in mind and want to develop your character in certain direction we can have a chat and we can set a path for it, depending on your goals and the factions involved we may be able to work something. For now I will open the tray for two projects.

Development projects

CDQ's in Progress

CDQ's in Planning

CDQ's in Wait
1.- Jilsephonie Kendall  ( On hold )

CDQ's Completed
1.- Gilshem Ironstone / Gel'larian Windsbreath .- An arrow to cross each heart
2.- Alazira / Alazira .- Love for joy and pain
3.- MadhattenSpy / SehKy - Challenges of the Past, paths to the future
4.- mixafix / Admorin Oakbound .- Life and choices.
5 .-Olme / Olmae .- One man for one land
6 - morunas / Val Greenhawk .- To be or not to be
7.- The Krandor Hospital GCDQ - Healers of the world Rejoice
8.- Madhatten /SehKy and Mooneyes / Keela's - Arrows and blades
9.- Andrew William Reid - The "self" proclaimed bard
10 .-Erin Inman / Rose Leigh .- Smoke and mirrors
11.- Minerva / Sophia.- A wonderful World
12 .-Dezza / Maximilian De'Lourney ( Rofirein ) - Dragon Knigths ,golden nigths
13 .- The Angels Guild GCDQ .- The city of Gold.
14 .- Rhys/Link092 .- A dark path , towards the light
15 .- Kaelan Silverwing/Aphel .- The darkness beyond
16 .- The Angels Guild GCDQ .- The adventuers heart outfitters.
17 .- Naldin/Script Wrecked - The path of Justice.
18 .- Naldin/Script Wrecked - The path of Justice, choices
19 .- Jilsephonie Kendall/Drgnhrt .- An atoll ... to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.
20 .- Elohanna/Anamnesis - To find what its not.
21 .- Kaelan Silverwing/Aphel .- A certain Stone of Doom
22 - Tyllaan Selaama / Hellblazer .- Favors of the pink, white and red
23 .- Andrew Reid / Rollinscat9 .- Silken fantasies, Spider Phantasies
24 .- Jilsephonie Kendall/Drgnhrt .- Looking for watery information.
25 .- Ulkazzar Ferviron / thekevmon .- The Justicars of fire Series.
Any questions, doubts My pm box is open

Best Regards

gilshem ironstone:
Requesting a CDQ for Gel'larian Windsbreath.  PM will be forthcoming.

Requesting a GCDQ for the Angels Guild if you're interested. PM is coming

//PM sent

Requesting CDQ IAW SehKy Auvrea request for Archane Archer - PENDING CDQ


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