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Hello and thanks for your interest in having a quest run by me. ***Presently I am open for WL or GCDQs only, and with possible delayed enactment***I want to be upfront and honest with all interested parties so be sure to read all of this before going on to check my availability. Before you go any further and especially if you have not attended a quest of mine before please see my GM introduction.When you request a CDQ or WLDQ from me, it is best to keep in mind my style when you do so. I am very much about 'outside the box' thinking and I don't work inside the small frame of mechanics. If you lean heavily on mechanics you are very likely not to pass my quests. I do believe in rewarding effort as well as doling out consequences to actions taken, be they good or not so! I'm pretty well versed in the lore of Layonara (at the time of this posting) and I stick to it very closely at all times. I do feel it's impossible to know all lore but please do expect lore to weigh in and be open to the experience!Most of my quests, of any kind, span beyond the scheduled quest hours. I may seed information on the server ahead of the quest, there may be lingering effects that plague the character following the quest that will be expected to continue to affect the character (in whatever way it makes sense to do so!). If the G/CDQ is split over two or more events there may well be development IG in between those sessions (and obviously the same for WLDQs). If there is some sort of OOC considerations on this aspect, please put that information in your PMs to me about the topic matter at hand!I have a few rules and/or guidelines (mostly guidelines!) for my quests above the standard rules. Please see the relevant threads regarding the basic rules for further information on 'standard rules.'One additional note. I reserve the right to refuse Ilsarian themed quests. I have no ill will toward Ilsare but my creativity tends to founder where she is concerned. If I have some pretty strong inspiration for a quest, I may run with it but I may suggest you seek out another GM if I don't. This is definitely a situation where more information you can give me, the better.For CDQs-
1 - No more then yourself plus two (2) people. Any more then that and it is considered a Group CDQ and the CDQ counts against all of the players timers. No CDQ of mine will be written such that it takes more then those two (2) additional people to pass. (It is also perfectly fine to take a CDQ solo with me.)
2 - You will not pass on skill points alone. Do not think that you'll be able to pass based on successful rolls vs DC. By the same token, you will not fail my quests because you rolled a couple of ones in a bad place either.
3 - While your companions may certainly aid you and help as much as they like, remember that the pass/fail qualifier rests solely on the person whom the CDQ is for. While those other then the requesting player involved are not asked to 'dampen' their RP, please understand that they will not be able to 'save the day' in any mechanical sense, nor carrying the quest for the requesting player.
4 - A positive resolution to the quest does not create an automatic pass. CDQs will have a pre-established set of goals that may or may not have input from other members of the GM staff.For WLDQs-1 - The maximum players involved during quest hours is twenty. Any more then that on the NWN platform and my machine may not cope well potentially leading to deaths and ineffective quest sessions.
2 - There is no maximum of players to be involved with your WLDQ. Who you have is whatever happens naturally, remember it is a world leader quest and thus affects the world. The pass/fail is on the WL-app's shoulders but all PCs are in the 'world' picture. (This is largely for the evil vs good and other such conflicts that may have developed over time through RP. I will not allow any sort of OOC maliciousness to affect an outcome however!)
3 - It is not a rule, but a heartfelt recommendation that you take a quest with me, CDQ or other wise before you ask me to run your WLDQ. My quests, all of them, are catered to my players, even the regular quests that I would run for the entire server. WLDQs, obviously, are more so and have been known to influence players as well as the characters involved. This is a caution for not just the WL applicant but also any players choosing to be heavily involved.
4 - It should be noted that I dig through everything I can find about the player to customize the quest, everything from OOC notes, CDTs, PCDT, Trade hall postings, GM resources and anything else I can find. I've solicited logs from other GMs and spent tens of hours reading back logs of quest involvement and journals to build quests. I like ugly truths, and I cater to them. I also ask, when you select me as a GM for your WLDQ that you send me as many niggly details about your character as you can think of over the duration of my writing period. I will endeavor to customize the quest to those things as much as I can.
5 - It probably goes with out saying that a positive resolution does not make an automatic pass. WLDQs especially have certain pre-established goals that must be met as agreed upon by the World Creator, Loremaster and potentially other members of the GM staff (as well as myself!).For GCDQs-
1 - These quests can be two or more people with a limit to twenty for hardware/software issues.
2 - GCDQs fall under the same general guidelines as CDQs other then this. Obviously, the players requesting all share the responsibility of pass/fail resolution.
3 - Much like a WLDQ, GCDQs will have a pre-established range of goals that decide pass or fail and may or may not include stipulations by other members of the GM staff.All of that said here are the specifics.I have one slot for CDQ and one for WLDQ. There are as many foot in the doors as anyone wants but all players should be prepared for potentially extreme wait times based on any backlog and my other responsibilities to Layonara (which include the upcoming MMO). Look at the list and be aware that at most I can run two CDQs a month and one WLDQ at a time. I will lock this thread from time to time to allow me to catch my breath and/or catch up.I am available many varying hours, I don't have a problem with extreme time zone differences so long as we are communicating well and working around our (mine and yours) RL obligations. My base time zone is Central Time (US).Kindest Regards,
2.Foot in the door:
1. Acacea/Acacea
1.Foot in the door:
2.CDQs Completed:Rose/Aatriel - 2 part series
Razeriem/Aerimor - 3 part series
(others to be compiled)WLDQs Completed:
Katrien Hommell
Jennara Creekskipper

Withdrawn until Acacea is out of limbo


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