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Check out my mini-profile under the "Ask a GM" forum to get an idea of what you can expect from me as a GM. I'm in Texas (GMT -5 or -6, Daylight Savings pending). Currently, my times are "by appointment." However, I'm usually around: 9pm CST/CDT - 11pm CST/CDT (Mon thru Fri) 10am CST/CDT - 10pm CST/CDT (Sat and Sun)Current CDQ: 1. Nym2. Andulf3.In Planning: 1. Ulkazzar2.3.4.Backburner: 1. Storold2. Danny3. Tobias4. BorisSpecial project: 1. BeliKeep rockin'.Special Note: Due to possible conflicts of interest, I will not run any CDQs/GCDQs having to do with the Leringard Arms, the Angels Merchant Guild, or the Tower Academy.

Holy son of a monkey! After a bajillion years, the shop has reopened!

*throws his whole body through the door*  Me first!

PM already sent.

Would like to enlist the aid of the Troll King PM coming


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