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Eiyorei Onaa
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Nuts and Bolts

Eiyorei Onaa (known to many of the Rhoden alliance as "He who Trembles")
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 21


The man before is of medium height and build. Though barely out of his youth, the hint of a mustache and beard barely darkening the skin at lip and chin, there is a set of jaw, a steadiness of gaze and a bearing that belie his years. Two curved swords, one long and one short are sheathed at his hip. The handles are unadorned but bear the signs of wear through use.



There are other virtues, of course, but none that lay claim to the place that honour must hold in a man's heart. Power, wealth, friendship - these mean nothing if a man is without honor. A man with honor is known and trusted by all who know him, ally and enemy alike, as a man who is trustworthy, a man of character, a man of decency and diligence, of charity and forbearance, a man who is honest, a man who knows his place in the Great Circle of life. A man without, is nothing. The lowliest of beggar with honor outshines the mightiest lord without.

Honour in combat and honour in life.

From the first days of my remembrance this is an ideal that has been taught to me, introduced and reinforced through constant lessons by my masters in Western Gate. Lessons on honor and etiquette that came almost as frequently as lessons of the sword, of the bow and of the lance. King Shun-Han would have known no better servant to the throne than Eiyorei Onaa.

If only.

If only I had shown honour.

If only I could live the lessons half as well as I can recite them.

If only I had stood firm as the enemy approached.

I can still hear the derision from those I once called brother. I can still see the disappointment of my father's gaze as I was cast out of his house in shame. Only what was deserved.

How can a man go on? I have two choices. One, to take my own life in shame and dishonor, my memory a disgrace to all I once knew. In this way, at least my death might be an example where my life was not. My other choice is far more difficult. To overcome. To regain lost honor. To one day return and erase the memories of the past by weight of noble deeds of the present. Could I ever overcome the shame of my cowardice? The harder path by far ...


Re: Eiyorei Onaa -- Not ready
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Not sure why this character is so unworkable? I thought he was a pretty basic asian-flavour fighter who, at some point in his past, had shown cowardice and now sought redemption (in his own mind) by maintaining a nobility of thought and deed.



Re: Eiyorei Onaa -- Not ready
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Hi Pseudonym,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The largest problem with the Character Stable, to be quite honest, is just ... well, GMs can get kinda busy. *winks* I'm sure you know how this is! Updating the Stable, much as we love it, tends to fall lower on our priority list than the regular Character Submissions, running quests, tending to grievances, and all that good stuff.

That said, we appreciate your contributions. I've gone ahead and sent a PM with some more details pertinent to each of your submissions. As I mentioned in another of these threads, we are currently working on a new project so some submissions better suited to this new project have been put on hold until it comes through.

Hope this clears things up a bit,


Re: Eiyorei Onaa
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Moved to the Character Library, with author's permission.