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Git - Master of the Sea!


Name: Git
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Giant
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: None.

   The circumstances surrounding the birth of Edward Beasley were never to be made light of. In fact, they were never to be talked about. End of story. Nonetheless, there is a story there for those who would gossip about such things.

   Edwin Beasley, a wealthy merchant (and Edward's father), was traveling between Fort Llast and Hlint with his supply wagon, wife (although the trips were dangerous, and they made Edwin nervous, it was a family tradition to travel as a family. His wife would have it no other way), and a couple guards for security when they were attacked by a group of giants. At the sight of the brutes Edwin passed out almost immediately. The guards were killed, the wagon destroyed, and Edwin's wife was taken. Edwin was left for dead, the giants not even noticing him, as he offered no resistance--just another body on the ground.

    Edwin staggered into Hlint wanting revenge and his wife. He looked all around the Wild Surge Inn, the Tobur Xin Smithy, and other places adventurers frequent, gathering a crew to help him. The adventurers were successful, killing many giants and retrieving Edwin's wife, but not without damage. Edwin's wife was with child.

   After carrying the child to term, Edwin's wife, Alberta Beasley, died during the birth. The child, obviously not Edwin's, was completely hairless. Thus, Edward Beasley entered the world.

   Edwin hated Edward and wanted to destroy him the moment he was born, but when Alberta died, Edwin found he couldn't kill the boy. Even if he blamed the baby for his wife's death. Even if the child was monstrous. In the end, Edwin could not bring himself to destroy Edward because Edward was the last living piece of Alberta--his only connection to her. This connection did not prevent Edwin from abusing Edward where he could.

   After a few months Edwin left Hlint with a wagon and Edward making a long journey, which would take years, for Port Hempstead. He figured that if he went to Port Hempstead and left Edward there alone that Edward would be destroyed due to the city's laws against half-giants, he knew because he heard about Hempstead's laws from other merchants and adventurers in town. The Hempstead city watch would do the job Edwin couldn't bring himself to do. He would travel by ox and wagon to prevent the rumors from following him to Hempstead. After all, once Edward was destroyed there was nothing to prevent him settling in a nice place like Hempstead. Discretion was the key.

   Despite the constant abuse of being hit, verbally assaulted, and being forced to pull the wagon with the ox that was also harnessed to it (even though Edward was merely crawling and not strong enough to pull anything when they first began their journey from Hlint), Edward grew up loving his father because he didn't know of any other possible relationship with another and there were times when Edwin almost seemed to tolerate his existence.

   In truth, Edwin grew more and more fond of Edward as they traveled and as Edward grew. The thing was that Edward was useful. Like one time a wagon wheel had broken, Edward was able to life the cart so that Edwin could remove the old wheel and set the new one in place. By the time Edwin was nearing Hempstead he wasn't thinking of having Edward destroyed, but as passing    Edward off as his son. He could teach him letters and math, and maybe pass him off as being slow. He was slow. Who would suspect a half-giant living in Hempstead?

   Edwin's first step was to find discreet, patient scholars, which he found easily enough with the right amount of true. At first Edward learned his letters, numbers, and words like anyone else, but then his progress in the common tongue came to a halt--the larger the word or more complex the problem, the steeper the hill.
Edward liked stories, but he hated reading them. He liked to live in them instead. His favorite stories were about the ocean--about pirates and admirals and mermaids and exotic islands with buried treasure. His favorite thing to do was to go to the Argo Vlin'Dolan wharf and watch the ships go out and come in. He liked to pretend he was one of those adventurers until the real world interrupted.
"Young Master Edward, we must continue with our lesson."
"We must? Why must?"
"It is important."
"This important."
"Your lessons are more important."

One day, during a particularly difficult lesson (the difference between there, they're, and their), Edward was thirteen and fed up.

"How you write, 'There are three theres in common?'"
"I do not know, Young Master Edward."

Edward didn't like that name at all anymore. First off, he was not young. He was taller and wider and stronger than his tutor by far. Second, he couldn't see himself master of anything what with being trapped at his desk. Third, the name Edward just didn't fit anymore. None of it was right. Edward got upset.

He reached up and brought his arms down in frustration, smashing the desk to pieces shouting, "Freedom! Master of the sea!"

His teacher, scared and looking to stay in control, lost it.
"Oh! Oh! You're a right Git aren't you?"

"Git! Master of the sea!" Git liked his new name. It was easy.

"No, no," said the teacher, deflating, "You are not actually a Git."

But Git was Git now and he ran up to his teacher, clapping him on the back repeatedly, thanking him for the new name shouting, "Git! Master of the sea!"
And, "Git, fit." Because Git rhymed with fit and the name felt right.

No tutor would ever go to the Beasley house again. Edwin was scared.

Edwin had right to be scared to because rumors started spreading about 'that Beasley boy' all around Hempstead. If this continued the second business Edwin had built up (Buy Beasley!) would fold. Once you were the 'wrong sort' in his circles you might as well move to a corner (though good with arithmetic, Edwin was never very good with geometry--candles were candle-shaped, who cared about squares and rectangles?). He mostly loved Edward now. Mostly. But the boy was already bigger than he was (by a foot or two) and surely bigger than everyone his age. Maybe it was time for him to claim his own stake in the world.

The posse of townsfolk had Git cornered. His father was among them shouting, "Get out of here! Get out of here, monster!"

He did not understand.

He pleaded, "How I get out? You have my back against wall." His back was against a wall in the Argo Vlin'Dolan wharf. He had been watching ships as usual when the mob approached.

"Well you could just eat us, monster!"

"You might as well, you got the arms for to rip us up-"

"And the teeth to chew us down!" finished another.

Git's dad was still shouting, "Get out of here," a pause, "monster!"

The crowd picked up the chant of "Mo-onste-er!"

Git looked around, trapped and scared. He began to cry.

"Mo-onste-er! Mo-onst-er!"

Why? Why was he a monster? For years he lived here. He just wanted to watch the ships and hear what news came from the sea.

The Sea, he thought. He looked around and spotted a manageable boat not far away tied to the pier. No longer feeling trapped his vulnerability turned into pure rage.

"Not monster!" He wailed, charging a beeline for the small boat, bowling people over, hardly stumbling over them. "Git! Master of the sea!"
And with that Git ran for the boat jumped in, kicked hard at the side of the ship that was tethered to the pier, leaving that piece behind, and began his adventure.

Behind him the crowd rushed ahead. Through the shouts and hollers, Git thought he heard one voice stand it. It said, "Get out of here, son!"
As the boat began to drift away, Git picked up two oars and paddled like a madman away from the port.

Edwin wiped a tear from his eye. This was for the best. With a change of motto (Beasley makes it easy!) business would be back to usual.

On the open ocean Git looked around, wondering which way would take him to the kind of adventures he hear the sailors speak of. He spotted a dark group of clouds in the distance. Sitting back down at the oars Git steered the ship towards the clouds half shouting, half singing "Git! Man of the sea! Git! Master of the sea!" At each shout of "Git!" he would pull back hard on the oars so it came out like a grunt.

Git looked around excitedly in the middle of the storm. The waves tossed the boat effortlessly. This was the kind of storm sailors talked about! Then a huge wave came and smashed the ship into splinters and Git with it. Then, it was black.

When Git awoke his head hurt and he was coughing water. The world was still black, and he passed out again.

The next time he woke up the world had color again. Git looked around. He was in a wooden room with a small circular window. The whole room seemed to move. A man looked at him as he lifted himself up on his elbows.

"So yer awake then, eh? Good."
"Yer in a cabin of the Lady's Whistle. I'm Dax, her captain. We pulled ya up outta the nets last fishin' trip," said Dax.
Git liked the name Dax. He liked Dax. And he was in a cabin! In another port! He made it!
"Git! Master of the sea!" Git shouted.
"Master'f debts mer like it! You owe me, mate."
"Owe you? I have no things."
"Ya got arms. Big 'uns too. Yer werk fer me ta pay yer debt like. You know a lot about fishin'?"
"Only what load and unload sailors say." Git had a lot to learn.
"Well, it's a start. An' I found ya a good way offshore so ya had ta sail from somewhere, eh? Ya werk fer me now, hear?"
"I work for you good!" and with that Git bounded out of bed and fell.
"Not so fast 'er, big guy."

Git was 33. He had been working for Dax for twenty years now and knew everything he needed about sailing. What he knew he needed was a crew and a ship of his own, but he could never afford them. Any time he asked Dax about how much he owed him Dax replied, Ya owe me yer life'n don't ya ferget it! Ya werk fer me! Git couldn't argue. He would've been dead without Dax. Still, Git hadn't asked him this fishing season yet. Maybe this time would be different.

While the crew of the Lady's Whistle was waiting to pull up the nets, Git walked into Dax's cabin.
"What is it, Git?"
"This trip last one, then I paid?"
"Ya look here, Git. I saved ya. Way I see it is now I own ya. You'd be dead without me. Dead!"
"This not life."
"What's not life? Ya live good with me, doncha? No one else'd treat a monster like ya as good as me."
"What you call me?"
"A monster. It's what ya are, init?"

Memories of leaving Hempstead flashed before Git's eyes. His anger blinded him as he relived those moments. He shouted, "Not monster!" and charged forward, knocking Dax, unconscious, down. "Git! Master of the sea!"
The crew rushed in from the commotion and looked horrified at the scene.
Git turned and shouted, "You raise fish nets. You set course, Fort Vehl. You steer ship. After I raise anchor, I watch Dax. Any one get funny idea I won't laugh. Now, move it!"

The crew moved it. They moved it all the way to Fort Vehl. Git kept Dax locked in his cabin. Any time Dax would shout, "Let me out, Git! You owe me!" Git would say, "No. We even. You save Git life and Git let you live. Life for life is even," and at that Dax would quiet down.
When the ship docked at Vehl, Git let Dax out of the room.
"I'll turn ya in, I will."
"Want to try? Get past me."

Dax backed down and Git left the Lady's Whistle. As soon as he did, though, she pulled away from the pier. Dax and crew shouted Monster and every other word they could think to hurt him. Git didn't even turn around, just looked excitedly at the grungy town.

It was time for Git, master of the sea, to live up to his name. He needed a crew and a ship.

One thing was certain. After working and following the laws and rules of other people, Git was certain the only way to be a true master of the sea would be to follow his own laws. Do what he thought suited him at the time, no matter the consequences. The sea certainly had no consideration for man's law. Anything could happen there. He thought, I look for me, now! and stepped forward into the town.

//For clarity I want to state that Git's father's wealth will in no way affect Git

Also, for the player who wishes to use Git, I once worked with Ycleption to see if this character would be ready for approval, and his advice was that there should be more class support, so please feel free to rock that out however you like. :)

very imaginative story line Shiokara....kinda want to know if Git ever gets his crew and ship now.....   great detailed bio IMO, but as stated for Barb, more class support needed.   I dont use other people's bio for my charcaters...just not personal enough for me...but this PC would sure be a hoot to play!

I am thinking of a Half-Giant class also for my next charcater.   HEHE, we should get a bunch of half-giant PC's and form our own "Pirates of Layonara".:D

*grins and nods sagely* half giants makes bad pirates ;)

1- they don't swim well, with their weight, their armor and low int.
2- with their strength, when they pull a line on a pulley, not only will the pulley come down, but the mast also.
3- 10 half giant running on one side of the boat yelling oooh shiny, will surely make the boat capsize.
4- well 20 half giant should be able to sink the ship just by the sheer weight


This is a character library, not a discussion Thread  ;)


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