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Name:  Jenna
Race:  Human
Class:  Sorceress
Age:  18
Diety: none
Alignment:  TN


There once was a family who lived on a farm near Echo.  The father of this family worked hard every day raising prized pigs and the mother of this family was a calm and peaceful woman, a loving wife and caring mother to her seven children.  The six sons of the family all worked hard on the farm, andthough they were accustomed the quiet farm life, one was certain he wanted to be a scholar and perhaps a mage one day, three of them dreamed of joining the Mistone Alliance Militia to serve to protect and fight against injustices.  The eldest, though he was to inherit the land, wanted to become a polititian, and the youngest of the brothers was certain that someday, just maybe he'd be able to become a druid.  The youngest was Jenna, the only daughter and the soul of the family.  Well protected and cared for, she grew up in her older brothers' constant watchfulness.  Jenna was able to roam her father's land carefree and happy as the long years of her childhood passed.

Time went on as the older brothers grew up and went off to join the militia, but they would return as often as they could, and especially in observance of Planting Day, the Midsummer Festival, and Harvest Day.

As Jenna grew, she became more beautiful with each passing year, and an arrangement of marriage was made between her and the son of a neighboring farm.  Gregory was his name.  Jenna wasn't in love with him, but he was a good man and would make a good husband and father.  She was to be married at the Midsummer festival following her 18th birthday.

But it never happened.

In the middle of the night Jenna awoke to smoke and fire.  The screams of her mother rang shrill into the cool night air, before they were suddenly silenced.  Without thinking, Jenna climbed out of her bedroom window where she was greeted with a nightmare come to life.  Dragon-like creatures had descended upon the farm and had torn everything to shreds.  Men with odd tattoos and hate in their eyes burned whatever it was they hadn't pillaged.  Jenna's father had been pulled out of the house and impaled on a pike in the front yard.  Where her brothers were, she couldn't see, but she took the only chance she could and hid herself in the root cellar.  Not long after she had shut the door she heard something fall on top of the door.  She was trapped.

After a few hours, the noise outside quieted, but Jenna could not get out of the cellar.  She huddled, curled up under a small shelf and waited.  It was dark.  So, so very dark in the cellar.  Jenna wished for light.  She wanted light so badly that suddenly it appeared.  A small light that managed to fill the small room and chase away the shadows.

After Jenna had been trapped for two days, a neighbor searching the property came by and managed to stumble upon the root cellar, freeing Jenna from her prison and refuge.  As she stepped back out into the light, Jenna's heart cried out, but she no longer had any tears to shed.  There before her was the charred remains of her former life.  Her mother and father laid out, dead and blackened in the front lawn of the house.  At least two of her brothers' bodies had also been found within the house and the barn.  They had all been home for the planting.  Perhaps they made it out alive just as Jenna did.  It was a slim hope that Jenna was afraid to hold on to.  This was not the only farm raided by the cult.  The world was under attack.  The world was fighting back.

But for Jenna, her world was over.

Numbly, Jenna accepted some food from her neighbor and managed to scrape together a few of the coins that her family had stashed in a secret place buried in the back yard.  It wasn't much, but it might grant her passage to one of the larger cities of Port Hempstead or Vehl.  She traveled from Echo on to the larger city of Hlint, but when she got there she paused in front of the bindstone.

My life is over, Jenna thought to herself.  Maybe I should end it.  I've heard there is a great chance if I touch that stone that it will take my life.  Then I can find peace with my family.

In a moment of true desperation, Jenna reached out and touched the stone.  The world went black around her and she fell to the ground.  At last, she was received into the arms of the one who would take her from this life and deliver her to the next.

Or was she?

A young woman awakes at the base of the bindstone.  She is carrying a loaf of corn bread and a small amount of coins in a sack.  Her clothes are plain and worn.  She has a small pixie, who introduces herself as Maeve, sitting on her knee, who seems to be a friend and companion... and seems to know a lot more than she does.  Other than that, she knows only that her name is Jenna.

//My idea for Jenna is that she has reoccuring memory loss in conjunction with the bindstone.  She would be a challenge to play this way because each and every time she died she resurrected at the bindstone she would have no previous memory, save what Maeve, her pixie, was able to share with her.  Together they would be able to piece together her life, but each time she would forget everyone she knew.  She would have skills that she would know, but not necessarily remember that she knew, such as: reading, writing, and magic.

Jenna has no claim of nobility or wealth.

do you mind if i use this charecter

I don't mind.  I hope you have fun with her!  Kind of a "50 first dates" type premise, but enjoy it.  Should be a fun challenge to work with.  I'll look forward to seeing her in game!


Just a note- this character was never created and is still available under the Library rules.


--- Quote from: Alatriel ---Just a note- this character was never created and is still available under the Library rules.
--- End quote ---

I would like to use this concept for a character please, and create Jenna if I may?


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