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New Character Submission - Ragna "Mad Man" Thorook

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Long and nearly forgotten was this character. Sadly it seems I have lost interest in this Character. Though as a contribution he is moved to the Library.

Wow, two characters in one day... arn't I so nice?

Character: Ragna "Mad Man" Thorook
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Mist


There once lived a man, strong and mighty. A fierce barbarian from the sea faring tribe on Krashin. Ragna was his name, Ragna Thorook. As many from Krashin, he worshiped The Lady of the Seas, Mist. Though some may say his worship for her is like that of unbridled love.

When out at see, no matter the ship, Ragnas prayers to Mist are never for a safe journey across her waters. Nay, he'd always pray for her to bring him a storm and should any ever be seen, Ragna demand control of the helm by force and steer the ship straight into the storm. Laughing maniacally along the way. Thus was he nicknamed Ragna "Mad Man" Thorook.

It was not long till Ragna came of age and was given rights to a ship of his own. After gathering a crew, Ragna sailed out in search of the perfect storm to test his ship... and his men. Finally he found one. A fierce hurricane, off the coast of Mistone. Ragna sailed right into it and by shear brute strength and force of will Ragna steered through the waves. Laughing and shouting up into the storm, begging the lady Mist for more as frightened crew men either abandoned ship willingly or were thrown off the rocking ship.

It was not long till a great bolt of lightning stuck the main mast and blow the ship to pieces. Ragna managed to cling to a piece of the debris and drifted unconsciously to the shores of Mistone. As for the crew, no one knows. Likely taken by Lady Doom. When Ragna finally awoke, he looked up into the sky and gave a hearty laugh, praising and thanking Mist for the wild ride.

Afterwards he journeyed to the nearby town, Leringard. Why, that is this town, and who am I you ask. Heh, you should already know by now, but if ye ask if I be trying to tame the tempest? Hah! Fools errand! No one, not you nor I could ever control her. I merely ravel in her untamed, unbridled, chaotic embrace. *thunder clashes* By witch I believe she calls. *grabs his warhammer and marches out of the tavern* Come Lady Mist and bring me a storm! *hearty laughter*

Ragnar marched out into the storm. As it seems, no mater here he is, land or sea, where ever a storm blows is where he feels most alive. Ragnar soon came upon a small caravan. Ragnars barbaric Krashin heritage urged him to raid the caravan, where he could then hear and see his war hammer bash into them. This urge to raid quickly changed to protecting the caravan as he saw a group of bandits coming to raid the caravan themselves, just outside town.

With the clashing of lightning and the roaring thunder echoing over head, Ragnar entered a fierce rage as he charged the bandits, fighting along side the caravan guards to fend them off. Once the bandits were chased off, Ragnar was given a small pouch of coins for his aid. With this he came to decide he won't raid the caravan in the bandits stead and perhaps there is another way for him to build his fortune and rebuild his ship.

//Ragna has no claims to land, riches or anything from Krashin or anywhere.

Wow, He is still here? Well... guess I'll be taking him back... and hopefully make it in time for Lances quest tomorrow. ;) :D


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