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New Character Submission - Ragna "Mad Man" Thorook

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You can still  use him as chaotic but then you will have to wait till you  fulfill the requirements for that alignment.

--- Quote ---
Chaotic Neutral remains a special alignment, and the submitting player must have had an active character in the world for four (4) months prior to the submission of the Chaotic Neutral character. There is no minimum level requirement for this active character. You do need to submit, in your own words, an acknowledgment stating your acceptance of the rules of the server and giving a statement acknowledging that Chaotic Neutral is not carte blanch act randomly, expecting to be free of penalty. In the game and in our community, actions have consequences, and if you are not willing to accept the consequences, do not make those actions.

--- End quote ---

I would just suggest that you play him as true neutral if you want the character approved right now.

Eh... ok. I could alway take a CDQ later to make him CN after the four months. There is a sorta event I had in mind for him after a number of levels and after he got himself a new ship... and perhaps a crew. ;)

BTW, alignment changed to TN.

Alright, this can be approved right away with a small further adjustment.

The landing outside Vehl is indicating a really really long journey which is rather unlikely given that he is "just" chasing storms. Therefore I would suggest that he lands in Leringard or somewhere closer to Krashin.

Another thing is that not everyone on Krashin worship Mist, however many do.

Fix those two things and you will get the approve stamp.

Ok, changes made, now just the question of how he got from Leringard to one of the two starting cities. (Fort Vehl or Port Hempstead)

He can just have joined a caravan or something similar heading south, might be that he wanted to see what the waters were like further south.


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