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Perri Crosby


Name: Perri Crosby
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 26
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Cleric
Deity: Aragen
Domains: Knowledge / Travel

   Perri was walking through Vehl. He discovered a figure in an alleyway lying down. Upon walking closer to him he saw that he was a man and he was bleeding. Perri did not know if the man could move, but the man did not move. The man was still conscious.
   The man said, "Thank the Gods. Len' me a han' will you? Some runt jus' mugged me an' made off with my dough."
   Perri, standing very still, looked around to see whom the man was talking to.
   "Com'on! I-agh," the man tried to life himself up. He failed and fell down in blood. "I need some help here. I can pay you." The man put his head down in the dirt.
   Perri opened a burlap sack and pulled out a book, a quill, and some ink. He wrote, Subject is male. Found in Fort Vehl on an alley off of, Perri looked around for a marker of where he was, some houses and a general store. Subject called for help. He is bleeding. I can see it by the way the pool of blood is growing under him.
   When Perri rustled through the sack, the man lifted his head. "What are you doing? Please! Just help me." The man coughed.
   Perri looked over the book, into the man's face, then wrote, Subject called for help again, then he coughed. When he coughed blood came down the side of his mouth.
   "Pits, what's wrong with you! Can't you hear me? I'm going to die if you don't help me. Can't you hear me? I'm going to die!"
   Perri wrote, Subject spoke for the third time. He stated the inevitability of his own death. His pupils are smaller now. There is perspiration on his forehead.
   "You're going to burn, do you hear me? For the Gods' sakes are you deaf?"
   Subject is using words that possess a more negative, insulting connotation. No one has come to help him. His breathing is very labored. The pool of blood is expanding more slowly.
   The man's eyes did not leave Perri for a moment. After thirty minutes (Perri was counting in his head) with no change Perri wrote, Subject is dead. His breathing stopped thirty minutes ago. Perri finished writing; put the book, quill, and ink back in the sack; and left the man lying dead in the alley.

   Days later Perri was in the One-Eyed Harpy. An old newspaper was on his table and he was writing the dead man's obituary into his book. Perri could have the subject's name and basic information now. When he was finished, he left the soggy paper exactly as he found it.
   He sent his report to the temple in Bydell Castle on the next ship to Mariner's Hold, to be taken by carrier pigeon thereafter.


Perri Crosby does not have any living family members or ties to Layonara. His mother and father died in a raid on the Gypsy Camp (featured on the Alindor map) and he was dropped as a burden at Bydell Castle. The events left him emotionally disaffected by everything around him. He understands human customs because they are written, but has little knowledge aside from texts and observation. This disaffection eventually drove what caretakers he had to eventually disown him, but at the same time made him a very attractive candidate to be a collector in the order of Aragen. Thus, using logic, and not stating his reasons he joined the order. This would be the last effect he would have on the world.

   Note: Perri Crosby is intended as an RP challenge for anyone who is willing to take it. He is intended to be an extremely devout Aragenite. His alignment is True Neutral because he remains completely removed from all events. He records solely facts, and looks towards Aragen as The Great Collector. Keeping in line with Aragen's dogma, this character should probably not speak. In the event one does go out in a party with him, I would suggest remaining in the periphery, and never heal, buff, or do anything. If someone is looking for a character to level and explore the world beyond RP, I do not recommend this character, but as a player, I have always been attracted to those characters who exist in the extremes. With that said, Enjoy.

I'd like to adopt this character..

I've been thinking about this concept for a few months but was not moving forward on the back story .

This is pretty much what I was after.

How do I proceed ?

Thank you ..

I am interested in this character.
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