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Sigrin Rogfried - Rofireinite Cleric


Name: Sigrin Rogfried
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Rofirein
Domains: Strength/Protection

A tall and strong looking man clad in plate armor with the symbol of Rafirein on the breast plate. Carries two weapons on him at all time. In one hand was a hammer he refers to as "The Judges Gavel" and in the other, a sword he calls "The Executioners Blade". As to he deems his armor "The Juries Verdict".

Sigrin grew up in Prantz and near the Rofirein Cathedral where Sigrins father worked as one of the Judges of the court house. From him Signore learned a lot about Rofirein and his laws. In fact the laws were nearly drilled into him and his life. Over time Sigrin learned to take the laws to heart and follow each on to the letter. At times, when Sigrin was old and wise enough of the laws of Rofirein he would attend his fathers court dates and sit among the jury of the court.

Sigrins dedication to upholding the laws of Rofirein and maintaining order, not only in the court but in the city as well. This had caught the attention of the clerics of Rofirein and offered signor a position in there order. Sigrin accepted without hesitation and began his spiritual and martial training as a cleric of Rofirein. Training to call upon the divine powers of The Lord Protector and to wear the armor all the Rofirein clerics wear. Though when it came to weapons, Sigrin preferred a hammer and sword as he was at times tasked with the job of passing judgment and performing executions and so he trained to wield both at once.

Once his training was over Sigrin bid farewell to his family and everyone else and left Prantz on a life long quest to establish and maintain the laws and order of Rofirein threw out the world. In times of battle or conflict Signore stands at the front lines as a battle cleric of Rofirein and may be heard uttering a prayer like statement: "May the Jury cast here verdict as the Judge declare the sentence and may the executioner do his work. Thou shalt be judged. The All-seeing Lord Protector, Rofirein, presiding."

* I have read and understood the information available on Rofirien and I will do my best to RP a cleric of Rofirein

* Sigrin has lived by the laws of Rofirein all his life and continues to do so. Seeking to establish and maintain law and order wherever he goes and serving as a divine conduit for the Lord Protector to cast his divine judgment. To Sigrin, Rofirein is the High Judge. The one to cast final judgment.

* Sigrin bear the same armor that all Rofireinite clerics wear though in place of a shield, Sigrin wields a hammer in one hand and a sword in the other. The Symbol of Rofirein proudly displayed on the chest piece of his armor as too sown onto his cloak.

Ok read more of Rofirein from Lore and from forum and beginning to think the story made for this character is unusable and thus be deleted.

Unless anyone has any interest in this caracter and could possably change the story to better fit Lore you are welcome to it. Otherwise, I ask this thread to be deleted.


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