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Simple Simon


Core information

Simon Sollis (Simple Simon)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 20
Deity: None
Stats: Whatever you want but obviously meant to be very low wis/int and high str.


The man before you stands close to six and a half feet tall. Guileless blue eyes beam forth from a smiling face. His expression is one of wonder, more suited to a child's face than a man full grown. A bull neck meets sloping shoulders of considerable breadth. The bottom of a large and ragged scar can be seen extending up and into his curly blonde hair.


Hullo. Mah name is Simon ... Simon Sollis. Same name as mah daddy, 'cept his name weren't no Simon, it were Pay-tel *guffaws* I mean his last name! *guffaws* Nobody calls me Simon Sollis anyways, nope uh huh, most folks call me Simple Simon. *guffaws*

*listens a moment to the question*

These 'ere folks at this 'ere farm are bein' real kind to Simon. Theys let me stay and ah do real good on mah farm chores. Strong as an ox ah is! *guffaws, pounds on his chest*

They ain't mah daddy an' mammy, uh huh. Mah daddy says after ah gone tousle wit' that horse *almost subconsciously his hand strays up and pulls a lock of hair over the scar across his forehead* that he no need no simple boy hangin' 'round eatin' all his food! *guffaws, not even a hint of sadness or bitterness* Cain't say ah blame him none, ah eats like a horse ah do! *guffaws*

*listens a moment to the question*

Uh huh, all sorts of stuff I do! Ah is real good at pullin' the plough when Betsy stood on that stone, uh huh. Ah can chop wood real good. Ummmmm, I can carry all sorts o' heavy stuff ah can. I done reckon I be the strongest from 'ere to Bydell! *motions with his hand towards the distant castle, it being a mere smudge on the horizon*

*listens a moment to the question*

No suh, ah done no like hittin' no-body *shakes his head ponderously* Why ah hit some folks iff'n they ain't done no harm by me an' mine? That ain't right. Iff'n they be baddies, sure ah'll give 'em a wallopin' *nods his head towards a large cudgel leaning up against the barn wall, well within easy reach* Ah reckon they be askin' for it then! Ah be real good at wallopin' too! *guffaws*

*listens a moment to the question*

No suh, ah ain't never 'eard o' none o' them. Drachs? *spits out the obviously unfamiliar word* They real baddies you say? Well, ah reckon ah better help, then, uh huh *guffaws* Sounds like you folks need a hand ah reckon.

*And without further ado, Simple Simon Sollis walked away from the life he knew, uh huh.*

Moved to the Character Library, with author's permission.


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