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Welcome to the Character Library!


Welcome to the Character Library! This forum is a collection of player-written character ideas intended to be shared with the community. Here, players can leave character ideas they do not have the time to create themselves, or browse for inspiration and find character biographies in various stages of completion to submit to the Character Submission forums.

Warning! If you are looking for a prewritten character completely ready for approval, you want the Character Stable

Alright, warnings dispensed, if a place to write, read, share and borrow character biographies, player to player, sounds interesting to you, read on for more information ...

Purpose of the Character Library

Once the Character Stable got into full swing, it became obvious that there was an unanswered need in the Community.  We have players who have detailed/interesting/unusual character ideas, but no time to make a new character!

This, then, is the place to put these ideas, and also the place to find such ideas if you're looking.  If you have a great idea for a Dark Elf Druid, or a Deep Gnome cleric of Sulterio, or a wizard who can't cast fire spells because he's terrified of fire... or, really, any character idea in any stage of completion that does not meet the submission guidelines for the Character Stable, this is the place for you!

Donating to the Forum

If you are "donating" character ideas, simply post characters here in the same manner you would in the Character Stable or Character Submission forums.  It's that easy. If someone reads your biography or idea and would like to use it, they will post in the thread and you will grant permission. However, keep in mind that if you become inactive, we will assume tacit approval for requests for use not answered within ten days. Please don't post character discussion here, or posts that are not character biographies or descriptions.  As with the Stable, this forum is Character posts only.

Please do not PM GMs or CAs about these characters - this forum is (aside from abuse prevention) effectively GM-hands-off.  Which brings us to ...

Using Posted Characters

If you intend to use a character that has been posted to this forum, your negotiation is with the player who posted it.  Simply make a post to a character thread indicating your intention, and work out the use of the character with them.  If the player in question is no longer active, a request to use a character which remains unanswered for ten days is treated as a tacit authorization for use.

Once a character has been "released" into your care, it is your responsibility to get it ready for approval.  The approval process is in your hands; the GM/CA team will not be revising these submissions for auto-approval. Furthermore, the player who will actually be playing the character must meet any requirements for restricted alignments, etc. If you're looking for an automatic approval, that is what the Stable is for.

So, indulge your creativity here, or browse through the wonderful ideas of others from our community--and maybe your character ideas will be brought to life!


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