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The Character Stable is open to the public for donated submissions!For all of you who have more character ideas than you know what to do with, here's one productive and generous way to aid the community. These submissions will primarily be for those folks who are new to the server and may struggle (for various reasons) with getting an appropriate character passed the character approval process. These reasons include but are not limited to:
* age
* unfamiliarity with the world
* language difficulties
* being new to RP
* being new to online community games in generalWe would like, as a community, to help these folks out and allow them a way to come join us.
For those who are interested in aiding us here, here are a few 'legalities' to protect both you and the player.
* Make certain you are ready to release this character into someone else's hands! We want to let them develop the character as they see fit to do so. Please don't submit a character you are in love with the concept with because another's perception may be very different.
* Once you submit the character, all the edits will be done directly by the GM/CA team to make it immediately insert-able to the world (with the exception of the needed edits by the new player).
* Once you submit the character, it belongs to the stable and no longer to the submitter (this is absolutely necessary in case a future player would like to have their character be apart of the world changing events of Layonara).As well we have a few rules that need to be adhered to. These are necessary in order to keep us from having to make repeated edits as the applications sit, among other things. Please keep these in mind when submitting a character:
* Keep it simple. For the reasons listed above, please don't create anything too complicated so that new players experiencing some of these issues will be able to get right into the character.
* Only use these standard races: Elf, Human, Dwarf, Gnome or Halfling.
* Please only use these classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue or Ranger.
* Single class submissions only please.
* Please only use the following alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral or True Neutral.
* Feel free to include deity information, but do your best to adhere as close to the basic deity information as possible.
* No additional ear requests at this time (we may change this at a later date once we have the system up and running smoothly).
* Feel free to include a suggested stat line up
* Do not gear the submission towards any PrC intentionally.
* Feel free to use any non-time sensitive lore, in fact we encourage this to help the new players become immediately immersed into Layonara. An example of time sensitive lore would be writing about the dark ages in the biography of a human. Non-time sensitive lore would be something like including that a relative is the guard in a particular town or that an elf character left Voltrex and would not be returning.
* It probably goes with out saying that all characters need to adhere to the basic submission rules as every other kind of character, this includes content as much as mechanics.That should about do it! It looks like a lot of 'rules' perhaps but if you think back to when you first started either here or in PnP gaming, you might realize it looks pretty familiar! Thank you in advance to any who donate! We all appreciate the invested effort to help other community members out.Regards,
The Character Approvals Team

For those who have asked, if you wish to offer an application, simply post in this forum and the GM and CA teams will handle the rest!

Thanks for your inquiries,

Hey all!

Giving this post a nudge since we are down to three options only. We'd love to have a few more ideas shared here that could be edited up and made ready for potential players.Thanks!


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