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Lance Stargazer:
Nombre : Dalio "Dal" Saliero Race:  Human Class : FighterAlignment : TN  Age :  18Gender:  MaleDeity :  No deity affiliation  Never the smartest or that and yet he was happy with the cards that the life gave him. Dalio was good for one thing, and that thing was to be big and intimidating,  He was born on the small village near  Wayfare, from a family like others, a smilth Pietro and a wool worker Anna,  Since the day he was born he was noticeable by his size and weight, Always a bit burly the man had a simply life, helping their parents and the comunity of the small district outside of the village  but he had learned to use this to his advantage, having born with exceptional musculature, and managed to start doing physical work since earlier on his life. As happens on this remote lands, the stories of riches and fortune from adventurers around the world were his constant plays during his childhood,  often wielding the hammer of his father to slay imaginative dragons.  But no good life could last, as one day his parentt started to get sick, the scarcity of resources on the village led to the inevitable, at his 15 years, he had left alone in the world with the passing of his parents. With nothing more holding him there, he took his scarce belongings and moved outside the village.  It was a hard life out there, after reaching to Wayfare he enlisted into the militia of the town, that was preferible to starve and he had a place to rest and warm food to eat, after three years with some more training he went to the world to make a name for himself.  //  Dalio preference of weapon is a warhammer, or a maul, but he would be proficient in the martial weapons and armors as per his training in the militia, He won't have any claims of long lost royalty or treasure from either family or his life in wayfare.    The Recomended stats for thim are as follows:    Str: 18, Dex:  10, Con: 16 , Int : 8 . Wis: 10 : Cha. 8 


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