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Lance Stargazer:
Name :  Rederick Thorncog Race:  Gnome Class : FighterAlignment : NG Age :  70 years Gender:  MaleDeity :  No deity affiliation ( Inclination towards Goran  )  Recomended  Stats ( Base ) :  Str ; 16  ( 14 )  Dex: 12 Con: 14 ( 16 )Int:  16Wis:  8Cha:  8 Redderick was the seventh son, the largest of his family, burly and always easier to smile, with a love for the good things of life, Living in a close knit gnomish comunity, he found all he needed to have a happy life, family and work for someone of his size always handy, due the extreme scholaric nature of his comunity, the lifting and the carrying were always easy to do. His seven siblings had picked much to the proudness of his parents the roots of Goranism and had already started to study on the Goran's teachings of inovation, among them some learned about mechanisms, two of his sisters joined into the clergy, and other were just enroled as investigators but that life was not for Rederick. His size and voluminous body allowed him to easily take other functions on the comunity, eventually being called and trained on the use of weapons and armor,this made him felt a bit diferent, Even to the initial confusion by his parents, he decided to take a life of learning in the art of the arms, He learned form an old milita gnome that had returned to live peaceful on the small comunity .  In this he found a way to feel himself diferent from the rest of his siblings, he was no fool, he was just lazy of learning the hard ways that his siblings had taken. As the time passed in the village and his learning come to pass one day he started to get bored with the life on the village and decided to test his luck in the world. . . The human town called Center seemed as good as any other place to start.    //  There won't be any claim of royalty or advantage upon where his parents are. OOC : The recomendation for this char is to be used with the "fat" body configuration, to reflect his burlyness, Feel free to add details to it if you consider.  This of course its not enforced but its the vision of the character.    


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