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Author Topic: Stable vs. Library: What's The Big Difference?  (Read 713 times)


Stable vs. Library: What's The Big Difference?
« on: November 03, 2009, 11:19:06 pm »
If you've glanced over the different forums but haven't had time to read the stickies in detail, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Character Library and the Character Stable. They're both forums full of prewritten characters for use, right? Well, sort of! There are a few important differences between the two forums, so here they are:

1. Purpose:

Character Stable: The Stable is intended for players who do not want to go through the regular submission process for whatever reason. Because it contains pre-written and GM-vetted characters, these characters have been pre-approved for use so new players, young players, or players with a low proficiency in English or who otherwise are struggling with the Character Submission process can get in game.

Character Library: The Library is intended for all players, but especially more experienced players or players who do not mind going through the regular Character Submission process. It is a place to share great ideas, and a goldmine for creative character concepts for those players looking for a fresh idea.

2. Content:

Character Stable: The stable contains simple submissions only, and there are many restrictions on what can be submitted here, as we want submissions that are ideal for those brand new to an RP world. As such, you will only find Barbarians, Rangers, Rogues and Fighters here, of standard races only (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Gnome). Character Stable submissions can also only be of the five unrestricted alignments (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral), and should be fairly simple, straightforward stories that contain clear, concrete biography details.

Character Library: The content within the Character Library can be as diverse as anything else submitted through the regular character submissions process. (Similarly, it must also adhere to the regular guidelines for what is permitted on these forums, so no profanity, overt sexuality, or extremely graphic violence please! Keep it family friendly.) Any of our basic classes or combinations of classes are available (still no PrCs on submission though), and biographies here can be of any of the eight permitted alignments (sorry, still no Chaotic Evil characters!) and any of the normally available races or subraces. Please be aware, though, that while you can write a biography you don't qualify for, like a brand new player writing an evil biography, the player who intends to play the character must meet any restrictions for alignments, etc.

3. GM/Character Approver Involvement:

Character Stable: The Stable is a place for pre-approved characters, and as such the Character Approvers and GMs take a very active role there. Biographies submitted to the forum will be read, edited if necessary, then flagged as ready by approvers.

Character Library: Other than monitoring the forum for appropriate content, similar to our job with any of the forums, the GMs and Character Approvers will not be taking an active role in this forum, except as players. This is a place for player-to-player exchanges of biographies, and sadly we do not have the time to read, comment on, or in any way pre-approve the biographies in this forum--so please don't ask! When the biography is submitted to Character Submissions, we will happily give you any feedback there.

4. Author Agreement and Role:

Character Stable: Players and GMs are welcome to donate to the Character Stable, as per our submission guidelines, which we ask you to read carefully before donating! Donating to the forum comes with its risks, though--by handing over your character, you agree to let us edit it if necessary to bring it in line with any lore issues, areas of ambiguity, etc. Also, you are granting permission for anyone to use the biography. As the author, you do not get a say in whether a player can or cannot use your biography once it is posted here, nor do you have any control over how they play that character once it is submitted. Think carefully before donating a character concept that you are particularly attached to, or submitting a family member of an existing PC, and be prepared for the worst: that your biography may remain unused, be played for a short period of time and then abandoned, or be played in a different way than you imagined.

Character Library: Again, any player or GM can donate to the Character Library ... though just because a GM may write a submission and put it here in no way guarantees pre-approval! Everyone submitting to this forum stands on equal ground, as they do when submitting to the Character Submissions forum. However, here an author retains a little more control over a biography once it is submitted. If someone wishes to use the biography, they must ask the original author and be granted their permission, so authors do get some say over who uses their characters. We ask you to keep in mind the spirit of this forum, though, and an open mind about letting players you might not know well play a character concept you wrote--especially if it will only sit idle otherwise. The only exception is if a player is known to be inactive and has been away from the forums for an extended amount of time, any request not answered within ten days will be considered the author's tacit approval. The reason we do it this way is so even players leaving the community for one reason or another can leave something behind for others to use. If you know you will be away from the forums for an extended period of time and do not want someone else using your characters, please remove them from the forum before you leave by deleting them. Once a character has been submitted, however, that character belongs to the player who is playing him or her and you will not get to have any special say over how the character is played just because you wrote it!

5. How To Submit A Character For Play:

Character Stable: Make sure you read the directions in the Character Stable forum, but basically post in one of the threads flagged as "READY" showing you wish to use the character, and it will be moved over to the Character Submission forum for approval. If you have edited nothing in the biography, it will be approved the first time a CA or GM has a chance to do any approving work. If you wish, you may edit the name, biography details (within the submission guidelines for content), or the deity (but must provide added support), but any edit you make will be subject to review, which could slow your approval. You may not edit or change the class, alignment, race or subrace.

Character Library: Again, make sure you read the stickies in this forum, like this one and the guidelines for use. Post in the thread of the biography you are interested in, and wait for the player to answer. After that, it is up to you and the author to work things out. When you have reached an agreement, you may then post the biography to the Character Submissions forum. After this, the biography will go through the regular review process by the character approvers, who may ask clarifying questions or for something to be edited. Please note, the Library is not in any way intended to be a shortcut to the Submissions process, but rather a place for players to share and exchange ideas and biographies.

We hope this answers many of the questions you might have about the Character Stable and the Character Library, and that you enjoy both of these forums.

The GM and Character Approver Teams