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Author Topic: Welcome to the Character Stable! (READ ME FIRST)  (Read 891 times)


Welcome to the Character Stable! (READ ME FIRST)
« on: July 27, 2009, 11:18:16 am »
Hello and welcome to the Character Stable. This is a new sub-forum of the Character Submissions. As mentioned in our submission policy posting, we are going to keep a stable of simple characters so those people not as inclined to write or are somewhat at a loss with Layonaran lore can start into the world with greater ease.

The rules:  
 1- Anyone can draw from this stable, new or old, though we'd appreciate if the characters were left for new players.  
 2- All players must correctly update the age/dates by the current date of accepting a character. You can look at the bottom of the LORE page, hop into IRC and use the '~layodate' command.  
 3- Submission to the server using one of these stable characters has the same requirements as writing a full character on your own. When you claim and submit one of these characters you are still agreeing to abide by the rules of the server.  
 4- If you claim a character and are approved, you need to log in and create your character within two (2) weeks time or the character approval will be rescinded and the character reclaimed to the stable for another player to use.

 You may:
 1- Change the details in the character biography to suit your personal taste. Do be aware that any and all edits will be subject to review and may slow the approval process. If you choose this option, please adhere to our submission guidelines and keep in mind that this is a Family Friendly server when altering the content of the biography.
 2- Change the character name to something more to your liking, but you still must abide by our naming policy.  
 3- Change the deity, but you will have to write support for this into your biography on your own and it may slow the approval process.

 You may not:
 1- Change the class
 2- Change the alignment.
 3- Change subrace, or race.

 1- Simply post in reply to a submission that is flagged: READY and let us know you wish to take the biography.  
 2- Edit the updated information needed above and desired by yourself (within the guidelines please!). You will need to do this in your own post, but you are welcome to copy and paste from the original thread.
 3- Post your copied original or slightly modified version as a submission in the Character Submissions forum and include whether or not changes were made/intend to be made and a member of the Character Approvals team will assist you from there!
It's basically as simple as that. Thank you for participating and good luck!
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