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Character Submission - Eben Braister
« on: September 01, 2021, 11:30:39 am »
Full Name: Eben Braister
Age: 21
Class: Fighter 5 / Wizard 15
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity:  None
Eben Braister was raised in the slums of Port Hempstead with his brother, living off any few coins that his parents could bring in.
Eben was a quick boy, a little frail and weedy, but with a great intelligence and a maturity his brother often found annoying. Whilst his brother was out playing and climbing trees, Eben spent most of his time at home, curled up with the few books he could find locally. In later years, Eben stumbled across a back-street stall and found a few old spellbooks in the window. Whilst the shop owner refused to sell them to inexperienced wizards, he did offer to train Eben for a cost. If an actual Wizard had attended these lessons he would have laughed in mockery at the pathetic training and preparation the shop owner provided, but it was enough to teach Eben some basics over the years.

His brother Kyle, seeing reading and feeble magics as a waste of time, began dragging Eben off on his escapades during the night, often having him keep an eye on the streets whilst his brother and friends robbed somewhere. This Eben did, on occassion, when after a few years, Eben was on watch duty during another robbing. He heard a commotion from the house his brother and friends were robbing, a shout and a scream. Then he heard the sound of footsteps coming his way and a voice from the house shouting "Braister! I saw ya!"
His brother came hurtling around the corner, face ashen and scared.  There had been a fight. Someone had been hurt, and somehow, the people ownining the house knew Kyle's face!
Kyle wanted to go home and forget it, but Eben advised against it. Pointing out that the Guards would be knocking on their door by morning and would drag him off to the stocks. Instead, he persuaded his brother to leave with him, advising that after a year or two, this would all be forgotten about.

They spent a few years roaming around, Eben being totally useless when it came to wandering the wilds. HIs brother kept him in check, kept him on the path, kept him fed. Eben began to feel totally useless with only a few meagre spells to his benefit. So when his brother suggested it were perhaps time to learn how to defend himself, he took to it eagerly. Kyle taught Eben how to use a few different weapons and how to use certain armour, what stances to use. Eben wasn't fond of the armour, but he learnt how to swing a sword and parry a few thrusts, nothing that would see him winning any duels. But Eben never felt comfortable out in the wilds swinging swords around. He needed some new books, a decent meal and a bath.
Eventually, he convinced his brother he head for Centre, where all the good stories began...
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Re: Character Submission - Eben Braister
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I was hoping to see the counterpart to Kyle's story.


Maybe my dwarf Chunks will run into the two brothers at some point...
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