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Character Submission - Lightis Sunite
« on: January 26, 2020, 04:05:53 pm »
Name: Lightis Sunite
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Class(es): Fighter (Might eventually crossclass into a spellcaster class just to enable magic and open a few more tools.)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: She not devoted, so don't matter
Domains: Hitting things and not dying.
Status: Single
Backstory & Description: A young woman that was a pretty good adventurer and just as good of a person, who lost all of her confidence and willpower due to a particularly bad nightmare that felt a bit too real, and ended up just living as a civilian ever since.

That is, up until something happened, where something happened to all the people she cared about, even Curas: A friend of hers from childhood, where they just suddenly...Well, didn't appear anymore.

And yet, instead of trying to get other Adventurers to find them for her, she-albeit a tad hesitantly-prepares herself for a journey to search for her friends and allies, hoping to figure out what happened, and try to save them...Or at least get a bit of closure on their disappearance.

Oh, also, she's still trying to work on not f###ing decking whoever decides to call her a wench.

-Her personality used to be that of a confident woman that could kick your butt, but after that incident with the nightmare, she ended up becoming more meek, and shy. Almost as if it just broke her a bit.

-No, I won't go into detail about the nightmare, as I feel that may be better left to the imagination, but all you need to know is that something invaded her dreams and then made her helpless, unable to stop whatever it was that invaded the dreamscape.

-Oh, and I'm not giving out her height and weight because I am not good with measuring offhandedly, and it's not really polite to ask a lady about her weight anyway.


Re: Character Submission - Lightis Sunite
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Approved. The password is: layoplayer