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Character Submission - Long Version - Updated to March 18th 2016

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Wizard Specalization Change RequestsWizards may request one (1) free specialization change, with a modicum of justification, prior to Wizard level 10, at which point they've had too much experience in their specialization to readily change. Any subsequent request before level 10 which is justified will be granted, but XP equal to half the amount required to pass their current level will be removed to reflect wasted experience. The exception to this rule will of course be made for GM quest-related events, where the GM in question supports the submission.(original source)

Dark Elves and Description of The TestIn regards to The Test, in order to alleviate any confusion or conflicts over it's substance , please refer to it vaguely in your submissions. Something along the lines of, "I took the test... and lived." will suffice. It is required that there is a reference be made.Any submission with a change of deity or morals after The Test will still have to provide substantial detail as to why and how their change of heart occured.(original source)

CN Alignment

We have updated the CN alignment requirements to open it up to more people. You can read the text here:

This alignment is still closed to brand new players on the server, but with the lessening of GMs and shrinkage of community in general, we hope this strikes a balance. Please note that the big part of the change is that we can and will ask the player to walk back the alignment to something else if the alignment doesn't seem to be understood by the player or if the alignment is being used as justification for abuse of the community at any level.


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