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Character Submission - Reyne Sun-Badger
« on: March 24, 2024, 03:59:02 am »
Name: Reyne Sun-Badger
Age: 30
Class: Cleric 10-15 levels, Sacred Fist 5-10 levels
(Update: Reyne may be a pure Cleric instead, not sure! I've never played a Cleric or Sacred Fist, so I'm learning about it)
Race: Brownie
Alignment: NG
Deity: Prunilla
Domains: Plant, Earth

Biography and Description:
Rebellious and strong-willed as a child, the hot-tempered Reyne was quick to defend herself and the younger children from bullies and beasts, generally with fists and feet. As a teen, she was outraged at the challenges the brownies faced in maintaining safe havens against the dangers of less peaceful races. How can the clan plant seeds and nurture the growth until harvest, when dangers abound? A safe haven is needed! Nurtured by the worship and culture of Prunilla yet encouraged by her fearlessness and stubbornness, Reyne seeks to become a defender of her people, empowered by the divine might of Prunilla. She aims to strengthen her abilities as a guardian so she can ensure that the safe havens for the brownies can remain safe havens. Unlike her home-body brethren, she realizes that to find new safe havens and learn how to combat evil, she must travel and ally with explorers, adventurers, and warriors - for their protection and knowledge of the world and threats.

Reyne grew up in a secluded enclave on the outskirts of the Forest of Fog, not far from Castle Mask. Initially, her family did not support her mission, wishing for her to stay in the enclave and devote herself to gardening and family. However, her stubborn nature could not be tamed by their wishes. During a fight with her parents one night, in a fit of rage she swore to do away with her family name forever, devote herself to Prunilla, and take on the surname of Sun-Badger - symbolic to her of the type of tenacity and divine empowerment she imagined she needed to channel to fulfill her mission. She packed and left for Castle Mask - a place she had visited many times to deepen her prayers and training in the chapel to Prunilla and speak with and learn from the halflings tending the Mask Gardens, and the travelers who journeyed through the grounds. In the years since then her family has begrudgingly accepted her mission, though still worried for her safety.

1.  I have read the information on Prunilla, and I will play Reyne as a faithful
priestess of Prunilla to the best of my abilities.
2. Reyne sees herself as a protector of all that Prunilla values - safe haven of homes and families, gardens, and food growing. Although she does not conform to the principles of humility and passivity, she values these in her family and tribe. She seeks to empower herself so that her peaceful tribe can remain safe. At times she rests from her travels by joining with her tribe in planting, harvesting, and preparing feasts.
3.  Reyne wears brown and green earth colors. She wields a hand sickle, similar to the one she used to harvest grain and herbs. However, her mission as a protector overshadows the religious symbolism of Prunilla’s weapon of choice (hand sickle), so she utilizes her fists and potentially other weapons as needed. Of course, once she becomes a Sacred Fist, she’ll forego all weapons other than her divinely empowered fists and feet.
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Re: Character Submission - Reyne Sun-Badger
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2024, 10:41:55 pm »
First, per, you'll need to resubmit for Sacred Fist when you're ready to take levels in it. Keep in mind you need at least five levels in any class taken before level 20.

Second, you are approved to play a Brownie with the Cleric class.

Third, see here for more info and the subrace code for Brownies: If you have any issue applying the subrace, let us know.

Fourth, have fun! Looking forward to seeing the little lady in-game.  :)

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Re: Character Submission - Reyne Sun-Badger
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2024, 02:01:04 am »
RL is busier than I'd like so it'll be a little while before launching her. I may also wait until there are a few people starting low level characters.