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Character Submission: Tormaz Torcsmith
« on: October 13, 2023, 11:40:50 pm »
Full Name: Tormaz Torcsmith
Age: 89
Class(es): Fighter
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Dorand


From an honest worker to a fearless warrior Tormaz Torcsmith had not always thought of himself as an adventurer. The seeds of adventure took their time to grow with Tormaz.

Tormaz, is a hard working, intelligent and friendly soul who is often found either in his forge, mining or enjoying a surprisingly quiet pint, which is often rare for dwarves.

Tormaz comes from a family of gifted smiths from the Shofal Mountains, and rarely left the town. However he was always curious of what the merchants told him of the strange wonders of afar.

Over the years as Tormaz’s curiosity grew, his family noticed him talk more and more of the outside world and exploration. A few of his family were puzzled by his desires. They thought it was rather odd, that such a gifted dwarf should want to waste his time travelling. However his great-great uncle Dalin was intrigued.

Dalin was once an adventurer, though lately appeared to be quite eccentric.It was rumoured he had slain a black dragon, but most dismissed this, as no trophy was taken. One night when Tormaz was crafting in his forge. Dalin came to him and beckoned him to follow. Dalin lead him for what seemed to be hours deeper and deeper into the mountains, remaining silent all the way. Dalin then opened a secret door and led Tormaz in.

Inside Dalin spoke; ‘I have watched you for some time nephew, and see in you the spark I once saw in myself. I have something to show you which will hopefully ignite your interest’ Dalin lead him around the corner and inside was a site that made Tormaz stagger back in shock. On an enormous marble slab on the wall was held the grotesque head of a black dragon. Dalin grinned ‘I was a bit younger when his head met my axe. Though I hid it because I wanted not fame and fortune, as many others do, but I only wanted to protect my kin and explore and meet new people, see strange stars and lands I see that desire in you, which is why I give you this’ with that he gave Tormaz a small dagger and a map. ‘These should get you on my way, my dear Tormaz’. With that, Tormaz bowed, thanked Dalin, and prepared to see the wide world…


Re: Character Submission: Tormaz Torcsmith
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2023, 02:28:21 am »
Hey there,

I am a bit confused right now, seeing as this submission is an exact copy of an already approved character of yours (, minus the name.

From what I have gathered, you want to have your old characters ported over anyway?