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Do Not PM GMs About Character Submissions


Alright everybody.  This is getting out of hand. I want to remind you that we do this for free and when we have time to get in to the forums and game to work on things we do.  We do this as often as we can and we try to be as timely as possible.  Sometimes RL and other things do not allow us to be here 24/7 (no really, it doesn't) even though a few of us would like that and it seems like a few players demand it.  So have some patience please, we need to have a life as well.  Please do NOT PM GM's asking for character approvals and such--this has gotten out of hand.  No more PM'ing GM's asking us to come and approve characters.
  Thank you for your understanding.

Reminder! It seems a player has spammed quite a few GM's inboxes today.  We will get to the approvals when we can folks.

Friendly reminder not to do this.
Thank you.


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