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Evil Character Bio Descriptions
« on: April 23, 2007, 11:22:39 am »
I am surprised I am having to type this but after five years of doing this I suppose I shouldn't be suprised.
 I want everybody to keep in mind the server and the community when they are submitting an evil aligned character. This is a family server and as such young adults and in some cases children may be reading these submissions. There is no reason to get graphic or gruesome on the submissions, none at all. There are multiple ways to get around the "need" of writing graphic details in a character submission, just use your head and a little common sense and you will figure out a way.
 I do not want to see the graphic descirptions in submissions any more, they are unacceptable. If we continue to see them evil aligned character will once again be removed from the world.
 Thank you.