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For the time being I am removing Orc and Goblin from the restriction list. I will be opening up a window for monstrous race applications in May, date/time to be announced.~row

*A distant howl of delight, horrible and primitive in natur, can be heard only deep in the forest. This cry of rejoice is hardly a whimper against the obnoxious buzz of the locusts and even the passing wind, ruffling leaves through the trees, causing branches to bat one another  and "tap" in accord. A deep instinct tells that this is the sound  of Mangus Crunch as he begins to claw his way into existence.* //once you get your dates in May sorted out I will have Mangus Crunches bio lined up for you. Been a little RL hogtied lately but this is hot on my list.Cheers!

You can update Magus whenever. When I said I was removing them from the list it meant they no longer needed special permission for submission.~row

I will be opening Monstrous Races submissions next week sometime. I wanted to give people a heads up in case they wanted to write in advance of this.~row

Does "Monstrous Races" include Sea Elves? I'm guessing no, but have to ask. I've had one in mind for a bit and I'm a marine/fish biologist in RL so I figured I'd have a good time RPing a Sea Elf


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