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Gordy Bluestar Character Submission
« on: May 18, 2021, 11:48:55 am »
Name: Gordy Bluestar
Age: 120
Class(es): Sorcerer
Race: Elf
Subrace (if applicable): Wild Elf
Alignment: TN
Deity (if devoted): Kithairien
Domains (if cleric): N/A
Biography and Description:

   Gordy has had a desire to leave his tribe for as long as he can remember. He feels so different then the other tribe members. For instance he loves to collect things that he finds while moving from place to place. The others think he is wasting his time and strength carrying his "useless" possessions when his tribe moves. But he could never bring himself to leave his family when they needed him so much.

   A few years ago Gordy started to manifest magical abilities. The elders of the tribe did not approve of his innate ability and discouraged him from using it. Instead he was trained to use spears and bows. He could not resist using his new abilities and has gotten very creative in finding excuses to go off and practice and refine his skills.

   It was during one such occasion that he left to practice and came back to find that his village had been attacked. Many lives were spared but the lives of others including his mother and father were not. Filled with rage he vowed to seek revenge for those tribe members that lost their lives. The remaining elders would not hear of his plans to seek out those who attacked them. The threat was small and there was enough of them left to move to a new land in order to avoid conflict.

   With nothing in the tribe to make him stay Gordy left to venture on his own and find those who killed his parents.
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Weeping Lily

Re: Gordy Bluestar Character Submission
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2021, 12:29:05 pm »
Hey there,Thank you for your submission! Everything looks good now, so I'll approve it. Please note to select the Race "Wild Elf" directly from the racial selection screen upon your character submission and not as a subrace.

If you have any questions, please ask us on the forums or on our discord channel. The team and players are always eager to help :)Approved!The server name is ee64.layonara.comThe password is layoplayerCheersLily
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