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Koksovy - WIzard Submission
« on: November 03, 2018, 04:59:43 pm »
Name: Koksovy

Bioware name: sparky
Gender: Male
Age: 125
Class(es): Wizard (20)
Race: Elf
Subrace: Gray Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: None
Domains (if cleric): N/A
Biography and Description:



Brown hair, 5'10", skin light gray, blue eyes



An elf is born. His name is Koksovy and he lives in the Backbone mountains of Dregar. His hobbies are reading, learning new languages, and drawing. When he was 10 he got a scarlet cloak and began to become interested in magic. He was so interested in magic, he enrolled in a magic school in his village called Gasta. When he began, we was one of the worst students. But Koksovy was persistent and applied himself vigorously to the art. He studied magic for 30 long years and finally, when he had learned as much as he could in the school, he decided to go out in the world to hone his art against real foes. He moved away from his village and his parents, said goodbye to his brothers and sisters and left.

Notes to GM: This is my son's application. Wasn't sure if I should create a new site account to put it under, but I was not able to create one when I tried due to some issues.
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Re: Koksovy - WIzard Submission
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(PMing about account creation issues.)


Re: Koksovy - WIzard Submission
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2018, 07:25:06 pm »
Not getting any response on this. I PM'd dorg about the account setup. Finally got it to work, but since my son does not have an email address I've asked if he can approve it but have not heard back yet. Can we start getting feedback on the actual submission while we sort out the account? Thanks.


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    Re: Koksovy - WIzard Submission
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    Got the account setup it looks like, so I'll re-post it under the new account. Thanks!